Aerospace & Defense • October 18, 2019

Partnering to Achieve Critical Digital Transformation Success at Lockheed Martin

Complex discrete manufacturers are assailed with constantly changing technology, marketplace uncertainty, and tremendous volatility. Some have realized that they need to be nimbler, more cost-competitive, and more responsive to customer requirements.

The most advanced know that a powerful ecosystem of alliance partners, including market leader Accenture working with aerospace system technology innovators like iBase-t, can team together to provide an operational architecture capable of supporting the most demanding complex manufacturing enterprise. 

It starts with a plan to define the current and future states of both IT and Operational Technology (OT) systems. It also explicitly maps how new aerospace technology can deliver on business goals in order to successfully support mission-critical business systems on the F-35 production line and reinforce Lockheed Martin’s ability to deliver for customers. 

The expected results? A strategic approach to digital transformation that aligns business strategy, infrastructure, and technology to establish true digital continuity across F-35 production. This digital thread pervades the enterprise and the entire supply chain from one end to the other. All suppliers, partners, and customers become part of one digital ecosystem that even extends to distribution channels and product lifecycle sustainment (MRO) support. 

But establishing digital continuity across a global enterprise as complex as Lockheed Martin’s is no small matter. The key to success is assembling a team of closely coordinated partners who together can ensure the technological implementation aligns tightly with business objectives. 

Accenture is a leading global professional services company that is helping Lockheed Martin on its transformational MES journey. The Accenture team is optimizing shop floor processes and providing business operations insights to support the global security and aerospace company’s implementation of its digital thread framework.

Accenture is working together with iBase-t to implement a proven Digital Manufacturing, Sustainment and Enterprise Quality suite of solutions. The platform will serve as Lockheed Martin’s next-generation manufacturing execution system (MES). A rollout is planned across its entire global aeronautics’ division.

To enable the project to ramp up at the speed required to meet rising global demand, Accenture and iBase-t will closely collaborate to bring swift completion to this massive undertaking. By integrating all systems and data, the digital continuity created makes it possible to keep track of the vast amount of changes taking place within Lockheed Martin’s aeronautics division’s production process. 

The next-generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is designed to provide better control, velocity, quality and compliance while giving plant managers complete visibility into production activities. Additionally, it offers better efficiency and continuous improvement through data capture and analysis. iBase-t’s solution is designed to help Lockheed Martin efficiently meet global demand for aircraft production while helping to reduce operational costs. For more information see Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Selects iBase-t.

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