Critical requirements for quality


Critical requirements for quality

nuclear industry solutions

Thriving in a Highly Regulated Industry

Manufacturers working in the nuclear armaments and propulsion industries face the most stringent of standards, from auditable controls and reporting requirements to procedures for producing and managing parts and supplies. iBASEt solutions simplify the management of quality and compliance, while at the same time help you reduce costs and improve profitability.

Benefits of Solumina for Nuclear

Ensure Compliance

The iBASEt suite supports ISO, ASME, NRC, and NUPIC regulatory standards with configurable, real-time workflows that enforce compliance at every stage of production.

Error Reduction

Work instructions can include illustrations, 3D-model animations, videos, slideshows, and built-in data collections and signature prompts. These and other standard features, such as alerts and inspection checklists, significantly reduce errors and improve quality.

Built-in Quality Management

Enterprise Quality Management is embedded within the iBASEt digital suite, which lets you hard-wire quality procedures directly into your production process. Utilize iBASEt’s Supplier Quality Management solution to manage the quality inspection of incoming supplier parts.

Unified View

iBASEt solutions provide an all-around view of product and process compliance and quality management of plants, products, and workflows. Production requires a reliable, secure, and scalable system that streamlines the flow of information between engineering and the shop floor, improving efficiency while maintaining quality.

Maintain Production Schedules

Shop supervisors and production schedulers can view order statuses, schedules, and assignments to make the most efficient use of production cycles. Minor adjustments to schedules can be made quickly and easily in real-time, keeping the shop floor engaged and on schedule.

Improve Decision Support

A unified view of manufacturing operations and the data collected at every step improve decision-making at all levels. Workers have clear instructions for handling processes and exceptions. Executives can see a more accurate big picture by leveraging real-time shop floor data.

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