From improving communication networks to accurate weather to unlocking mysteries of the universe the space industry is reliant on critical builds of high-value assets.


Poised For Unprecedented Exploration and Expansion

Space is a rapidly growing industry building for a wide range of activities including launch, satellites, and spacecraft in support of space research, exploration, and the goal of human spaceflight missions. Space has become increasingly important in recent years, as governments, private companies, and individuals are recognizing the potential economic, scientific, and technological benefits of exploration and exploitation.

Digital Thread Technology Needed to Secure Program Success

Digital thread technologies are proving to be imperative to improve performance of space programs relying on digital technology to apply lessons learned on current and upcoming programs. The space industry is quickly embracing these concepts and technologies to gain connectivity and efficiency, converging with digital manufacturing and cyber-physical system goals of Industry 4.0.


Simplify Your Processes. Empower Your People.

Empower your team with the information to achieve greater productivity and job satisfaction. Solumina is the central nervous system of many major build programs, offering smart digital work instructions. The more workers you have, the more valuable digitized work instructions are, but even a single operation benefits from delivering accurate instructions to every workstation and worker exactly when needed.


Benefits Of Solumina
For Space

Solumina solutions from iBase-t provide an innovative approach to simplifying how complex manufacturing, quality, and MRO processes are managed and improved to accelerate Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing strategies.

Decision Support

A unified view of manufacturing operations and the data collected at every step improves decision-making at all levels.

Full Traceability

Gain control & visibility over lot, serial tracked parts – materials, components, and subassemblies from cradle to grave.

Built-in Quality

Enterprise Quality Management is embedded in Solumina, letting you hard-wire quality procedures directly in production processes.

Enterprise Integration

We offer pre-configured integrations to most enterprise systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Deployment Speed

Ready-to-run functions and pre-configured integrations deploy quickly with limited burden on IT resources.

iBase-t Visibility: Solumina Solves [It] for Satellogic

Don’t let paper-based work orders cloud your oversight. Go digital and gain clarity with Solumina. Unify design, process, and implementation.

“In a completely digital environment without paper, technicians are able to reduce overall build time, maintain strict quality standards, and keep clean rooms free of contaminants.”
Christopher Morris, Industrial Systems Engineer, Airbus Defense and Space

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