Seven Key Strategies to Enable Supply Chain Transparency and Accountability

Manage costs, reduce variances, adhere to strict compliance and quality standards


Streamlining & Continually Improving

Through regular audits, incoming inspection and traceability continue to be the most effective strategy there is for reducing manufacturing costs.

Supplier Quality Management (SQM) is the catalyst that all complex manufacturers look to in controlling production costs, reducing variances, and enabling compliance to quality standards. Faced with these constraints, complex manufacturers turn to Solumina for Supplier Quality Management expertise in discrete, complex manufacturing. Solumina provides the capability to query all processes and activities related to product quality and production history in real time, including supplier status, communications, constraints and history records. Graphs and reports also provide visibility for inspections, discrepancies, containment actions, corrective actions, audits, and supplier rating.


Supplier Quality Management

iBASEt Selected to Implement Solumina’s Manufacturing and Supplier Quality Software at Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus selected Solumina to eliminate many of its disparate systems; improve part and resource traceability and visibility; and improve quality by reducing the probability of errors from data re-entry and data duplication.

Solumina monitors every quality and compliance efficiency with ease.