Deploying Solumina MES In The Cloud

This scalable approach offers faster implementation and ROI, easier upgrades and maintenance, improved security, and lower upfront costs.


Why Choose To Deploy Solumina MES In The Cloud?

Solumina from iBase-t is a cloud-native MES solution – meaning it’s designed to take full advantage of modern cloud technologies. Based on a microservices architecture, it offers benefits such as improved scalability and reliability, and lower up front costs than on-premise solutions. Organizations can also implement much faster, realize manufacturing benefits quicker, and see a rapid return on investment.

Solumina Cloud Security

Solumina MES is deployed on an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), which keeps all resources labeled and privately within that network. There is a dedicated virtual channel from the iBase-t corporate ISP to AWS VPC that hosts Solumina instances. All information stays under customer control. Major cloud providers provide a high level of security, higher than most manufacturers could achieve on their own.


Deploying a cloud MES is a proven option and the economic case is strong. The infrastructure is ready to be used by companies that are digitally transforming, and can fundamentally improve processes for manufacturing enterprises.

Faster Time-to-Value

Deploy 6-12 months quicker than on-premise solutions, resulting in substantial cost savings and a faster time-to-value.

Improved Security

Built-in security with major platforms is stronger than what most organizations can reach. Some even offer DoD IL5 security.

Ongoing Maintenance

Solution updates and feature additions require significantly less resources and reduced risk for unplanned downtime.

Scalability and Flexibility

Quickly add lines or plants, increase server power, and make data storage decisions quickly as you scale.


Options such as AWS GovCloud takes care of many regulation and compliance requirements.

Upfront Costs

Cloud deployment eliminates the need for expensive hardware and supporting resources.
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