Research Reports • November 14, 2023

Exclusive Report: Building a Model-based Enterprise

iBase-t Experts

Building a Model-based Enterprise: The Crucial Role Manufacturing Plays in Executing Model-based Design

This report has been created by iBase-t for everyone who is interested in learning more about model-based definition and the model-based enterprise in manufacturing. It is also for those needing clear guidance about integrating their technology stack to advance their model-based enterprise journey. 

Included in the report are solutions to some of the key challenges manufacturers face today including: 

  • Understanding the true value of a model-based enterprise beyond the use of 3D engineering models.  
  • Effectively integrating and contextualizing the information needed from disparate systems to drive the model-based enterprise.  
  • Getting started with a model-based enterprise approach. 
  • Developing the processes necessary to execute the model-based enterprise.