Enterprise Quality Management System

Quality is too critical to your operations to be a siloed activity. That’s why enterprise quality management is embedded across the Solumina platform.


Extend Quality Best Practices Across The Enterprise

In complex discrete manufacturing, rigorous quality, safety, and regulatory requirements leave little room for error in any stage of your process. iBase-t’s embedded Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) makes it possible to ensure products are manufactured to the highest quality standards on a consistent basis, while attaining manufacturing efficiency and performance goals in the process.

What is EQMS?

Ingrain Quality Management at an Enterprise Level

Solumina EQMS is embedded into our MES, MRO, and SQM solutions, integrating quality best practices into every process across the enterprise. Its goal is to ensure product meets customer requirements and standards, drives continuous improvement, and accelerates new product introduction. Key activities include quality inspection and test plans, closed-loop CAPA processes, compliance documentation, and more.


Standardize Quality Management and Enforcement

Standardize and integrate quality planning, execution, and discrepancy management with every production process to improve quality and efficiency.


Drive inspection (sampling) planning and execution for production, receiving, and source inspections.

CAPA Management

Closed-loop corrective and preventive action (CAPA) with root-cause investigations and corrective action tracking.


Document defective or non-conforming products, components, or specifications for quick issue handling and containment.

Process Control

Ensure operator skill and certification, correct tools, latest process documentation, and controlled change procedures.

Product Control

Track materials, components, and subassemblies for each unit, and completed product with a detailed product genealogy.

Compliance History

Register and retrieve a complete digital history of products, parts, and subassemblies with relevant compliance data.

Manage and Act
On Every Aspect of Quality

Visibility, efficiency, and control.

Complex discrete manufacturers must manage quality in multiple dimensions – from discovering and tracking defects to identifying and issuing corrective actions to the right stakeholders at the right time. With EQMS, you can shine in every aspect of quality management, including supplier collaboration, production performance, and MRO.

Ensure 360° Visibility and Compliance

Track and enforce quality management compliance along the entire product lifecycle.

Accelerate Without Sacrificing Quality

Reduce quality variability while developing the agility to respond faster to changes.

Reduce the Cost of Quality

Reduce costs by minimizing material waste and optimizing workers’ time and talents.

Make Better Decisions

Enable evidence-based decision making by providing data and metrics in real time.

Control Change Procedures

Track and control change procedures for work and inspection instructions.

Streamline Your Process

Streamline quality processes from supplier to customer with an integrated solution.
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