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Industry-leading Aerospace & Defense Expertise

Many discrete, complex manufacturers with diverse production requirements have successfully implemented Solumina with as much as 95% out-of-the-box functionality. While longtime iBASEt customers continue to upgraded and replace older custom extensions with newer out-of-the-box functionality.


Benefits of Solumina for Aerospace & Defense

Speed of Deployment

The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is facing many challenging factors. Increasing regulations, stiff competition, extensive and complex supply chains, and retiring workforce issues are impacting profitability. Many companies are searching for areas to cut costs yet improve efficiency and increase product innovation.

Out-Of-The-Box Solution

Many discrete, complex manufacturers with diverse production requirements have successfully implemented Solumina with as much as 95% out-of-the-box functionality. While longtime iBASEt customers continue to upgraded and replace older custom extensions with newer out-of-the-box functionality.

Industry Proven DoD Expertise

Aerospace and Defense manufacturers face a myriad of requirements that range from specific Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliance to AS9100 regulatory standards including AS9102, AS9131 and AS9121. Starting with AS9100, Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA), A&D manufacturers need to develop and continue investing in strategies and programs that ensure compliance to these standards and more.

Full Traceability

Solumina provides strong control and visibility over lot and serial tracked parts from the cradle to the grave, because the need for traceability in A&D manufacturing is critical. Solumina’s product genealogy includes intuitive support for tracking materials, components, and subassemblies used for each unit, subassembly, and completed product. A product’s genealogy can be quickly queried to determine which products contain or used a component or material that was out of compliance.

Proven Ability to Integrate

Only iBASEt integrates your enterprise’s systems landscape by bridging the gaps between engineering and business systems with Solumina’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Dynamic Work Instructions

Solumina’s dynamic work instruction capabilities allow users to create simple work instructions and illustrations to more advanced instructions with 3D-model animations, videos, slideshows, and built-in data collections and signature prompts. Work instructions can be configured to display only the options required and provide speed buttons for the most commonly used commands. These are just a few of Solumina’s advanced features that reduce errors and create a lean environment.

Inspection & Audit

Solumina dynamically generates inspection and audit requirements for each PO line item. The requirements are produced based on the most recent history for a specific part family and for a specific supplier.

Solumina Alerts

Users are notified when there are invalid entries, non-qualified personnel, out of compliance tools, and outstanding data collections and measurements outside of the specific control limits.

How Virgin Orbit Found an MES to Trust



With cosmic goals and an aggressive production rate, Virgin’s new Orbit division needed a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) it could trust. Read on to learn how Solumina delivered a fast, reliable solution.

Lockheed Martin MS2 Tactical Systems – Clearwater Operations



At Lockheed Martin’s Clearwater plant in Florida, quality management is not just about compliance to industry and customer requirements―the team has a continuous improvement culture that has led to impressive results, awards and recognition from its customers.

How BAE Systems Implemented a People First MES



Follow BAE Systems as they quickly learned the importance of capturing the necessary engagement across functions within the project lifecycle, from the generation of requirements to scenario testing and gap identification, to training and post go-live support in order to successfully roll out Solumina.

The Journey to a Paperless Shop Floor Pays Off for General Dynamics AIS



The production facility went from a highly paper-based and manually controlled process to one where the manufacturing and quality management system, Solumina, is the focal point for building hardware.

How Cirrus Aircraft Leverages Solumina



Cirrus Aircraft worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to achieve certification for the Vision Jet, using Solumina MES in place of part piece level conformity. Going digital was a big part of the certification process transformation for Cirrus.

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The Future of Automation, Part I

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Human-centered engineering models are labor intensive and require constant verification, rework and re-keying. By adding digitization and AI into the mix, it is possible to transform the old model into an automated system that facilitates continuous operational learning and productivity gains that exceed existing approaches.

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July 16, 2019
The closure of the U.S. Space Shuttle program in 2011 seemed like the end of an era. Yet since then, the sector has experienced a renaissance. A major stepping stone to the achievement of this goal is the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway. The Lunar Gateway will function as a lunar-orbit space station, a solar-powered communications hub, science laboratory, short-term habitation module, and holding area for rovers and other craft.

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Solumina has been a preferred solution in A&D for decades. See why.