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Rapid price reductions and product lifecycles.

Rapid price reductions and product lifecycles, predictable technology obsolescence and the need to continually launch new products to fuel growth are common challenges across all electronics manufacturers. Add to this the need to customize products to specific customer needs through build-to-order, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order production workflows – clearly the challenges of this industry threaten the pursuit of profit objectives.


Benefits of Solumina for Electronics

Proven Support

Solumina supports diverse manufacturing scenarios, such as high volume with a low product mix and low volume with a high product mix, in a swift, efficient and consistent manner.

ISO9001 Compliance

Solumina enables electronics manufacturers to attain and stay in compliance to ISO9001 compliance standards.

Six Sigma

Solumina supports manufacturing disciplines like Six Sigma and Lean with engrained and designed processes in Solumina Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) including supplier quality management.

Proven Expertise

iBASEt has extensive experience in integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems and a myriad of 3rd party and legacy systems in complex manufacturing environments, delivering solid ROI to customers daily.

How Virgin Orbit Found an MES to Trust



With cosmic goals and an aggressive production rate, Virgin’s new Orbit division needed a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) it could trust. Read on to learn how Solumina delivered a fast, reliable solution.

Lockheed Martin MS2 Tactical Systems – Clearwater Operations



At Lockheed Martin’s Clearwater plant in Florida, quality management is not just about compliance to industry and customer requirements―the team has a continuous improvement culture that has led to impressive results, awards and recognition from its customers.

How BAE Systems Implemented a People First MES



Follow BAE Systems as they quickly learned the importance of capturing the necessary engagement across functions within the project lifecycle, from the generation of requirements to scenario testing and gap identification, to training and post go-live support in order to successfully roll out Solumina.

The Journey to a Paperless Shop Floor Pays Off for General Dynamics AIS



The production facility went from a highly paper-based and manually controlled process to one where the manufacturing and quality management system, Solumina, is the focal point for building hardware.

How Cirrus Aircraft Leverages Solumina



Cirrus Aircraft worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to achieve certification for the Vision Jet, using Solumina MES in place of part piece level conformity. Going digital was a big part of the certification process transformation for Cirrus.

From the iBASEt Blog

The First Step to Creating an Industry Ecosystem

January 20, 2020
As new digital marketplaces continue to evolve and expand, there is a risk of being left behind if investments are not made today to be part of this ecosystem. Fortunately, an industry ecosystem can be readily established that is valuable to customers and end users. Continue reading to learn about first steps.

A Cue From Tech Giants About Digital Ecosystems

January 10, 2020
Continue reading to see how existing digital platforms provided by the tech giants could be a potential threat to the spare parts business that many Aerospace & Defense manufacturers have come to rely upon as part of their business model. This post will explore the merit of this prediction and what steps can be taken to minimize this threat as part of a digital transformation strategy.

What Manufacturers Can Learn from Other Industries

December 30, 2019
As manufacturers are busy digitizing operations and processes, it can be beneficial to learn from those that have gone before down this road. By doing so, traditional manufacturers and supply chain providers can learn from history to better navigate this point of transition in their industry.

Reduce the Risk of an MES Deployment

December 6, 2019
Successful Venture Capitalists have one thing in common – they know how to effectively manage risk. Given the challenges and risks associated with implementing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), perhaps manufacturers can learn from this community and reduce the risk of failure in an MES deployment?

Top Five Strategies for Improving MES Performance in Complex Manufacturing


7 Strategies For Improving Supplier Quality Management


Five Strategies for Improving Enterprise Quality Management

Electronics manufacturers trust Solumina MES.

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