The challenges keep growing


The challenges keep growing

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Staying Competitive in Electronics

The electronics industry faces fierce competition, short product lifecycles, and the need to continually launch new products to stay ahead. Build-to-order production makes the challenges even greater. iBASEt’s digital suite is made for this environment, providing the visibility and control needed to reduce costs while improving productivity and quality.

Benefits of Solumina for Electronics

Diverse Manufacturing Scenarios

iBASEt solutions support diverse manufacturing scenarios typically found in electronics, such as high volume with a low product mix, or low volume with a high product mix. We make it easy to switch between scenarios, helping you to keep operations productive when demand or other factors change.

Built-in Quality Management

Enterprise Quality Management is embedded within the iBASEt digital suite, which lets you hard-wire quality procedures directly into your production process. Utilize iBASEt’s Supplier Quality Management solution to manage the quality inspection of incoming supplier parts.

Lower Technical Debt

iBASEt solutions keep technical debt low with features such as rapid deployment, pre-configured integration links, and a microservices architecture that makes it easy to upgrade or change in the future.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

iBASEt’s electronic manufacturing solution provides powerful tools to help you attain and stay in compliance with ISO 9001, Six Sigma, and other initiatives with clear work instructions, inspection checklists, alerts, product genealogy, quality management, and many other built-in features.

Improve Decision Support

A unified view of manufacturing operations and the data collected at every step improve decision-making at all levels. Workers have clear instructions for handling processes and exceptions. Executives can see a more accurate big picture by leveraging real-time shop floor data.

Rapid Problem Response

When an issue or discrepancy is discovered in a product or part, you can easily identify the complete genealogy of all components, and take swift, targeted steps to reduce loss and minimize the repercussions.

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