Today’s world demands that shipyard modernize practices and leverage digital technologies to take operations to necessary levels of productivity.


Meeting the Resource Challenge

In addition to the challenges typical of most complex manufacturing industries, shipbuilding faces an aging workforce and a shortage of skilled workers to take their place. With Solumina from iBase-t, shipbuilders can reduce worker training requirements, provide better control and decision making, so everyone becomes more productive, while maintaining quality and compliance.

Digital Thread Technology Secures Program Success

The Digital Thread was spearheaded by the military aircraft industry and a desire to improve performance of programs using digital technology for applying lessons learned on current and upcoming programs. The shipbuilding industry is quickly embracing these concepts and technologies to gain connectivity and efficiency, converging with digital manufacturing and cyber-physical system goals of Industry 4.0.


Simplify Your Processes. Empower Your People.

Empower teams with the information they need to achieve greater productivity and job satisfaction. Solumina is the central nervous system of many major build programs, offering smart digital work instructions. The more workers you have, the more valuable digitized work instructions are; even a single operation benefits from delivering accurate instructions to every workstation and worker exactly when needed.

Shipbuilding solutions for today, a growth path for tomorrow

The shipbuilding industry finds itself navigating turbulent waters in today’s global landscape. A major challenge is the aging workforce coupled with a gap in skilled replacements, particularly in regions where shipbuilding has been in decline for years. But manpower problems are not the only hurdles. Environmental regulations are pushing shipyards towards greener innovations, economic pressures threaten order volumes and profitability, and regulatory compliance is a constant requirement.

Solumina for Shipbuilding

In the best of circumstances, shipbuilding is one of the most complex industries in the world. For shipyards to meet today’s challenges, digital manufacturing solutions are not just an advantage, but a necessity.

“Quality is key. Solumina lets us tightly control processes, validate everything, configure systems properly and sign off quickly. iBase-t helped us to do that.”
Leon Rowson, Airbus Defense and Space

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