Streamline production operations


Streamline production operations

ship building industry

Meeting the Resource Challenge

In addition to the challenges typical of most complex manufacturing industries, shipbuilding faces an aging workforce and a shortage of skilled workers to take their place. With iBASEt solutions, shipbuilders can reduce worker training requirements and make everyone more productive, while maintaining quality and compliance.

Benefits of Solumina for Shipbuilding Management

Tailored Work Instructions

iBASEt provides dynamic work instructions tailored to each worker’s task and skill levels. Work instructions can include illustrations, 3D-model animations, videos, slideshows, and built-in data collections and signature prompts.

Enforce Compliance

Our solutions help shipbuilders enforce ISO 9001 and other DoD standards. You can use alerts, confirmation steps, and inspection checklists to ensure that all procedures are followed properly.

Manage Change

Personnel can easily keep up with changes since the system forces acknowledgment by each worker whenever there are critical changes in procedures.

Detailed Task Execution

Manage every detail, including task dispatch, assignment, verification of resource availability and pre-shift checks, view the real-time status of assigned and in-queue work, and flag all deviations for approval.

Built-in Quality Management

Enterprise Quality Management is embedded within the iBASEt digital suite, which lets you hard-wire quality procedures directly into your production process. Utilize iBASEt’s Supplier Quality Management solution to manage the quality inspection of incoming supplier parts.

Auditing and Reporting

Meet reporting requirements easily and generate audits when needed to ensure compliance with all internal and external standards.

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