Author: Tom Hennessey

As Chief Marketing Officer at iBASEt, Tom brings over 25 years of enterprise software marketing and business development experience to the executive leadership team. He is responsible for the strategic growth of the company. Tom earned his MBA at the University of Southern California and holds a BS degree in Management from Northeastern University.

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What Has Led to the Manufacturing Labor Shortage?

Today, we have a manufacturing labor shortage which has caused many organizations to accelerate investment in automation technologies to help amplify the performance of their existing staff.
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Five Trends Shaping the Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Industry

These are just a few of the important trends in a rapidly transforming industry. Aerospace & Defense is being thrust into disruption and innovation, but the good news is that digital technology has matured and is ready to respond to the new environment.
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5 Great Features of iSeries

Every member of the enterprise can benefit from the iSeries, from line workers to top-level decision-makers. Today, technology innovation is accelerating like never before, and when it’s properly harnessed, as in the iSeries, we’re just starting to see the amazing things it lets us do.
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3 Ways the Digital Enterprise Can Better Navigate Uncertainty in Today’s ...

As the world fights the coronavirus, it is quickly becoming evident that “business as usual” no longer applies. New business models will be evaluated, and massive “pivots” may be needed to meet the evolving needs of our society. The Digital Enterprise is best poised to be part of the new “non-normal” environment we now operate in.
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