Technology • May 15, 2023

Time to Change


Let’s admit it. We know we’re one of the best-kept secrets in complex discrete manufacturing. In fact, we went out and measured it; asking the industry, “What solution is available to address the chaos associated with building and maintaining the most complex assets in the world?” 

We found that many of you didn’t know such a solution even existed. Let alone that it’s built and delivered today by iBase-t. 

Complex engineering-intensive manufacturing is a large industry, but it is also a relatively small world of people with the knowledge and expertise to make it happen. We heard you, our customer, when you said; “When it comes to information technology in manufacturing, they are on the leading edge. They are beating out everyone. But they’re the industry’s best-kept secret.”

Time to Act 

Our business has impressively grown and evolved over the last few years. Customers depend on iBase-t’s industry expertise to not only navigate – but to thrive in – a critically complex age of manufacturing. 

While we’ve continued to use the same brand look for years – we have seen our business succeed because of the knowledge, experience, and intelligence our people bring. This re-brand is a celebration of the success we are seeing every day when our customers use Solumina to guide their operations through the chaos of today’s manufacturing.   

As a business, it’s important that our brand accurately represents who we are today, while also signaling where we’re heading. We’ve built a reputation by consistently leading the charge in complex digital operations. 

What’s changed? The way we communicate our name for one. iBase-t. No more mispronunciation. Phonetically, we’ve structured our name to align with its meaning: Intelligence-Based Technology. 
Next, the logo and our color palette. Previously, our visual language heavily featured red and yellow, two primary colors that are sometimes associated with a negative connotation. Now combined to present as orange; orange reflects a progressive, sophisticated, modern application of who we are. And to support the vibrant brand we are, we’re embracing a supporting color palette and photography that makes our brand name stand out. 

But that’s not all. We also heard many of you relate the confusion between Solumina and iBase-t. Which is the technology platform? Which is the company name?  Here, we’re evolving on three fronts: 

  1. A new and improved word mark for our product Solumina. Matching into the look and feel of our corporate brand – the product branding is tied to iBase-t. 
  2. A new product User Experience that embraces our new look. Finally, Solumina will also have its rightful place in the communication and campaigning of what brings success to our customers. 
  3. A strong wordmark and supporting marketing tied to the success our customers’ experience using Solumina. 
Technology by iBase-t

Time to Claim Success  

Finally, we’re refining and improving the message of who we are. We are owning the success we provide the world’s leading complex discrete manufactures. For the last 30 years, the people of iBase-t have delivered the technology needed to guide, track, manage, launch and sustain products powerful enough to define the world’s future. Our customers are the dreamers of what comes next, and iBase-t makes those dreams become reality.  

Because through it all, one constant remains: expertise leads the way. iBase-t has developed the technology that identifies and augments the path ahead, but we’re more than a platform – we are a people. As one, we work hand in hand with our partners and customers to embark on successful builds that enable critical projects all over the world. Whether it’s getting boots on the ground, devices to hospitals, or spacecraft into orbit; we deliver today to determine tomorrow. 

We are iBase-t. Complex Made Simple.   

What’s Next 

Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see more and more of iBase-t and Solumina featuring our exciting new look. We encourage you to let us know what you think by following us, tweeting us, favoriting us @iBase-t and using #ComplexMadeSimple to share your reaction. 

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Tom Hennessey
About the Author

Tom Hennessey

As Chief Marketing Officer at iBase-t, Tom brings over 25 years of enterprise software marketing and business development experience to the executive leadership team. He is responsible for the strategic growth of the company. Tom earned his MBA at the University of Southern California and holds a BS degree in Management from Northeastern University.