Author: Mike DeClerck

Mike brings over 20 years of manufacturing experience to the leadership team. He has held positions in Operations, Engineering, Quality, Product Development, and Project Management. As Vice President of Professional Services, Mike is responsible for the strategic planning and tactical execution of the company’s Professional Services team. Prior to joining iBASEt, Mike was part of the PMO organization at Kinaxis. Mike earned his MBA from St. John Fisher College, MA in Psychology from SUNY Brockport, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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3 Pitfalls to Avoid for a Successful MES Install

While many benefits can easily document a successful MES install, the challenge is achieving the forecasted benefits quickly (or even at all) based on how the project is planned, the pilot site is identified, or what decisions are made early in the design process.
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Virtual Reality and AR in Manufacturing

AR and VR are buzz words that have been trending around many industries including manufacturing for a while now. With so many companies claiming to provide AR/VR solutions for all types of different needs, this blog addresses how these technologies impact manufacturing and what you need to consider when adopting them.
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Is Your Digital Transformation 5G Ready?

5G is upon us as every major telecom company is in a mad dash to bring 5G near you. The real question is, are enterprises ready to take advantage of the new 5G enhancements? And, just as important, are their enterprise applications ready for 5G?
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