Author: Becky Kelderman

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Where Are You on Your Digital Manufacturing Journey?

Keeping up with new digital initiatives in the complex discrete manufacturing space today can be overwhelming. Yet Digital Manufacturing and establishing the Digital Thread in the enterprise are vital programs for long-term success.
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What is Market Disruption?

Continue reading to learn what market disruption is and how executives can capitalize upon its benefits.
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How to Write Clear Work Instructions in Manufacturing – 3 Tips

Most of our process planning authors have never taken a course or have read information about writing work instructions. Technical writing is a very different type and style of writing. More specifically, it is an abbreviated type of writing.
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5 Killers of Cycle Time

Sure, you have a lean shop and your personnel can quickly access their tools, but after that shop is lean and they are still spending time not working on product, then you are suffering from one of the top five killers of cycle time.
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What is an Electronic Device Record?

The term eDHR - electronic device history record - is being thrown around a lot these days.  But what exactly is an eDHR?
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