Release Announcements • May 22, 2023

What’s New in Solumina i090?

iBase-t Experts

The Solumina i090 release delivers a range of new features and improvements across the MES, SQM, and MRO areas of Solumina. These enhancements are designed to drive efficiency in your production and sustainment processes, improve ease-of-use, support communication with your suppliers, and more.

Key enhancements of Solumina i090 include: 

  • New Look and Feel – In alignment with iBase-t’s new brand launch, the Solumina user interface has been updated with our new brand colors and logos. We’re excited to share our fresh new look with you!
  • Update Supplier Feedback in Discrepancy Items (SQM) – Suppliers can now provide feedback in SQM on discrepancies created for MES or MRO orders. This allows suppliers to respond and add context to the issue assigned to them without rejecting the discrepancy or changing any data in the discrepancy item. Offering your suppliers a channel for feedback helps support more effective communication and collaboration around quality.
  • Split Inspection Orders (MES, SQM) – Both Receiving Inspectors and Source Inspectors can now split inspection orders and manage them separately, driving efficiency. When an inspection order is split, the sample size of the remaining inspection items is automatically adjusted based on the new order quantity. The ability to split inspection orders is privilege-controlled, so you can choose whether to allow a supplier to use it.
  • Manage Raw Materials within Solumina (MES) – The raw materials part subtype in Solumina MES has been updated with fields for raw material attributes – including material type, required length, required width, and more – making it easier to manage raw materials within Solumina. The material title is generated by concatenating the raw material attributes, so you can search by attribute to quickly retrieve a raw material part for an mBOM or process plan. Parts can also be added from the Parts Library using the same search functionality to find the raw material and embed it in the work instructions.

    If Solumina is the Authoritative Data Source (ADS) of Part Masters, the raw material attribute data can be added within Solumina and then transferred to external systems via Part Sync integration. If the ADS is an external system, Solumina can receive raw material attributes from the ADS system via Part Sync integration and populate the table within the raw material record, enabling search.
  • Cancel / Un-Cancel Work Orders in Solumina (MES & MRO) – When circumstances change, you need a solution that lets you pivot quickly. Now, you can easily cancel active work orders – or restore cancelled work orders – in Solumina with just a few clicks. Cancellation/un-cancellation can be initiated directly from Solumina, or from an integrated ERP prompting Solumina to take action. This enhancement reduces the time and effort required to cancel or un-cancel an order, driving efficiency on the shop floor.
  • Many more new capabilities, performance enhancements, and fixes

To learn about all the new capabilities and fixed issues in the i090 release, please see the Solumina i090 Release Bulletin in the iSeries Install Instructions and Collateral Release page on the iBase-t Knowledge Center.

Ready to try out the new release? To get Solumina i090, please submit a ticket to iBase-t Customer Support.