Month: December 2020

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Q&A from “Picking the Right MES” Webinar

After Jan completed his presentation, several questions were raised that are shared. We hope this information is helpful with your decision process to pick the right MES that is based your unique business requirements.
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Manufacturing Trends: Five 2021 Predictions

As the end of this pandemic starts to become more of a reality, I suspect many of the changes that have been implemented will likely last to post-pandemic times. Based on this expectation, in a bold move, here is a list of my predictions on how the manufacturing industry will look like in 2021!
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MES, ERP & PLM Integration: A Blueprint for Success

The digital transformation that underlies Industry 4.0 relies on capturing contextual data and aggregating it in such a way to improve decision support and operational excellence.
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iBASEt and AWS Partnership Goes Beyond the Cloud

At Excelerate Innovation 2020, iBASEt launched Solumina iSeries, a Cloud-native platform furthering our commitment to Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the platforms iBASEt is supporting that is very popular among manufacturers. 
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iBASEt to Present at American A&D Summit 2020

This media alert announced Kim Archibald, head of North America solution engineering at iBASEt, will lead a discussion on how Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have become a central part of digital operations platforms.
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5 Great Features of iSeries

Every member of the enterprise can benefit from the iSeries, from line workers to top-level decision-makers. Today, technology innovation is accelerating like never before, and when it’s properly harnessed, as in the iSeries, we’re just starting to see the amazing things it lets us do.
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