Cloud-based Manufacturing • December 10, 2020

iBase-t and AWS Partnership Goes Beyond the Cloud

iBase-t and AWS Relationship Goes Beyond the Cloud

Cloud delivery of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is becoming the deployment model of choice for many reasons. Our AWS partnership was established to help drive this vision to the mainstream. Since iBase-t first introduced Cloud-ready solutions a little over two years ago, our customers have increasingly shown a willingness to move to the Cloud. At the beginning of this year, iBase-t announced the launch of its Solumina Quick Start program on AWS. The ability to get Solumina up and running in 1½ to 2 hours is just one example of why Cloud MES deployments have become so popular.  

At Excelerate Innovation 2020, iBase-t launched Solumina iSeries, a Cloud-native platform furthering our commitment to Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the platforms iBase-t is supporting that is very popular among manufacturers. Michael Putnik, WW Business Development Leader, Manufacturing at AWS presented an update on Amazon Web Services’ Industrial presence. The session highlighted why iBase-t’s choice to partner with AWS is providing our customers with more than just a Cloud platform for our Solution.

iBase-t customers can listen to Michael Putnik’s Excelerate Innovation 2020 presentation on our event login page  

Amazon Uses AWS

Among operating in many markets, Amazon is also a manufacturer, and one that utilizes a significant amount of technology too, such as robotics. Filling a complex order, packaging, and preparing it for shipment at the scale and volume Amazon does provides an environment like many manufacturing operations.  

Because Amazon runs its operations on its own AWS platform, it understands the performance, reliability, and security needs manufacturers face. As a technology innovator, Amazon continues to invest in new technology to keep its operations running. This includes adding functionality to the AWS stack for industrial data analytics, predictive maintenance, and vision systems to support quality programs. As a high-performance computing (HPC) platform, AWS provides the infrastructure to run its massive global operations.

Like many manufacturers, Amazon has a multi-vendor environment for the automation and robotics systems it operates. AWS has been developed to support exactly that scenario. Amazon themselves see MES delivered via microservices as a benefit. This and predictive analytics will further facilitate the trend of “machine-as-a-service” operations in the future. The ability to create a large data lake in the AWS Cloud has proven a powerful tool in improving demand forecasting as well.

iBase-t as Part of the AWS Ecosystem

While iBase-t’s Solumina iSeries can be deployed on Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud, we are excited to be part of the AWS ecosystem. As noted above, the Quick-Start program allows customers to deploy and evaluate Solumina iSeries on the AWS Cloud in less than two hours in most cases. Additionally, we see the commitment that Amazon is making to manufacturing through enhancements to the AWS stack as allowing us to better serve our customers. Our investment in microservices with the iSeries will allow iBase-t to quickly leverage future AWS capabilities to keep our customers at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation wave.

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