Press Release • April 30, 2019

iBase-t Integrates with Siemens Teamcenter to Create Fully Integrated Digital Thread, from As-Designed to As-Built

Tom Hennessey Tom Hennessey

PLM Connector bridges manufacturing process execution and sustainment workflows with engineering design information to increase efficiency and data accuracy

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. – April 30, 2019 iBase-t, a leading provider of digital manufacturing, MRO and quality software solutions, today announced that their iBase-t PLM Connector now integrates with Siemens Teamcenter, allowing for seamless communication between engineering teams using Siemens Teamcenter and manufacturing teams running iBase-t’s Digital Manufacturing suite of products. The connector allows manufacturers to effectively handle data from conception through production, moving them one step closer to an Enterprise Digital Thread.

iBase-t PLM Connector integrates with a company’s existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to automatically publish various objects into iBase-t’s Digital Manufacturing (DM) suite. From last minute design changes, to engineering and manufacturing Bill of Materials, all the way to parts and visuals, data from Siemens Teamcenter will now be effortlessly integrated into iBase-t’s solutions.

iBase-t PLM Connector addresses the historically wide gap between engineering and production systems. The differing goals, interests, and work tasks between these teams often can lead to scattered silos of data and inefficient asset sharing methods. PLM Connector on the other hand, lets workshop floor and design teams collaborate effectively and communicate in real-time, preventing many back and forth iterations. The product also provides customizable API’s that configure workflows based on each teams’ needs and program context. Users can easily access 3D visualizations, illustrations, and multimedia objects. In addition, teams can receive notifications through a closed loop error reporting system.

“The connector for Siemens Teamcenter further highlights iBase-t’s commitment to transform the digital thread vision into action,” said John Fishell, VP of Products at iBase-t. “The out of the box PLM Connector will enable our customers to take advantage of automation to close the gap between engineering and production systems. This creates a more efficient and accurate process to send data across systems”

Gone are the days of manual data entry, duplicating master data or costly custom integrations with a high cost of maintenance.  No longer do manufacturers need to manage intermediate steps like having to use large XML files, requiring extensive labor hours and high storage costs.

All this results in an increased risk of data inaccuracy, and lower productivity. iBase-t’s PLM Connector allows for data accuracy during transfer by replacing manual steps with automation. Furthermore, incorporating an efficient change management system into the production cycle allows manufacturers to reconcile “As-designed” plans with “As-built” workflows, ensuring next generation of products have higher quality.

As part of the iBase-t DM suite, this new product is the second of iBase-t’s solutions to streamline and facilitate communication and transparency throughout the engineering and manufacturing environment. In June 2018, the company released iBase-t PLM Connector for PTC Windchill.  


About iBase-t

iBase-t is a leading provider of software solutions for complex, highly regulated industries, like Aerospace and Defense, Medical Devices, Nuclear, Industrial Equipment, Electronics, and Shipbuilding. iBase-t’s Digital Manufacturing software streamlines and integrates Manufacturing Execution System and Operations Management (MES/MOM)Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Enterprise Quality Management Systems (EQMS) for operations and Supplier Quality Management. iBase-t’s software is implemented by many leading industrial organizations as part of their enterprise Digital Thread initiatives.