Digital Transformation • December 6, 2016

Navigating the Digital Enterprise

Shawn Maguire Shawn Maguire

“Navigating the Digital Enterprise” is the theme for Excelerate 2017, iBase-t User Conference; it speaks to the growing vision of the digital enterprise connected by the digital thread and seen in such initiatives as Europe’s Industrie 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing in the U.S. The conference will underscore how iBase-t supports and enables attributes of the digital enterprise.

Digital Enterprise in Manufacturing

Traditionally, companies have implemented software systems from a rather narrow departmental perspective, to solve specific problems as they optimize the areas around manufacturing and manufacturing support. The conference will address an even bigger opportunity that is looming: moving from the building blocks of traditional systems to a much more pervasive digitization of manufacturing, connecting engineering to the plant floor, the supply chain to manufacturing, customers with suppliers, and vice versa.

Digitization and Business Models

This new push to digitization is raising the bar and changing business models. It’s the starting point in a journey of digital connectivity where manufacturers aren’t just producing a physical product but also the data that goes with it. Increasingly, that data has value. As part of the new business model, products are delivered with data, and customers are allowed to be more intimate with product data than ever before, even before product delivery. In this new paradigm, data needs to flow from engineering to change management on the shop floor, and the supply chain needs to be more streamlined. Process steps must be less manual and more automated.

A recent column in Forbes notes that the value of data is tangible as well as intangible.

While organizations benefit from what data enables (e.g., better decision-making, more effective collaboration, business insight, etc.) the value of data also accrues directly to their market value.

According to the piece,

If you look at the financial valuations of companies that were built on data, like Facebook or Uber or Twitter, there’s a gap between the actual market valuation and their market valuation. That’s their goodwill gap, and that gap is what, as Capgemini vice-president Jeff Hunter puts it, ‘screams to the value of data.’

A recent Capgemini survey of C-suite executives and senior decision-makers found that 61% acknowledge that data is now a driver of revenues in its own right and is becoming as valuable to their businesses as their existing products and services.

Game Changer Sessions

iBase-t has announced four Excelerate sessions that will introduce game changing ideas to transform manufacturing businesses to new levels of productivity.

Are you ready to Navigate the Digital Enterprise?  Do you know the steps needed to be taken by your organization to harness the Digital Thread, orchestrate and optimize business, digital and physical processes across smart factories and the entire product value chain?

At Excelerate 2017, our goal is to give you a clear understanding of the solutions iBase-t provides to support your Digital Enterprise and Smart Manufacturing strategy.  We’ll do this through exceptional thought leading presentations, open engaging discussion, content-driven education from iBase-t Subject Matter Experts (SME) and an excellent customer experience. We also look forward to celebrating your Solumina success with fun, entertainment-packed networking events. It’s an opportunity to network with industry peers and exchange ideas for improvement and best practices. We look forward to seeing you there!

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