Author: Naveen Poonian

As iBASEt’s Chief Executive Officer, Naveen is responsible for aligning organizational and departmental objectives with the company’s vision and mission statement through the implementation of strategic initiatives that result in greater organizational efficiency, rapid growth, and scalability.

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Competing Globally Requires a Global Support System

As a manufacturer, manufacturing operations or “OT” systems have become critical elements in this rapid expansion in becoming a foundation to better scale a global support system.
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iBASEt is Building on Lessons Learned in 2020

The lessons learned in 2020 have not only made our company more resilient, but have allowed us to redesign our business processes and incorporate these improvements into our software solutions.
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Manufacturing Trends: Five 2021 Predictions

As the end of this pandemic starts to become more of a reality, I suspect many of the changes that have been implemented will likely last to post-pandemic times. Based on this expectation, in a bold move, here is a list of my predictions on how the manufacturing industry will look like in 2021!
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Excelerate Innovation 2020: The Power of Listening

For two days, some 400 customers and guests joined our online conference to learn about the new Solumina iSeries, and how it can accelerate and simplify the move to digitally transform complex, highly engineered manufacturing operations.
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Manufacturers Need to Rethink Digital Transformation

Between COVID-19, the very visible impact of climate change, and the global geopolitical environment, just automating business processes will not deliver the benefits many companies seek from their Digital Transformation initiatives.
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Will COVID-19 be the Catalyst to All-Digital Regulatory Compliance?

With the world facing a massive public health crisis, new drugs and medical devices are required in large quantities. With big pressure to get product out, people are taking shortcuts. Fortunately, many new enterprise software tools have emerged to better manage regulatory compliance reporting
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Now is the Time to Double Down Existing Technology and Investments

Now might not be a good time to consider venturing into a brand-new product line. By doubling down on what you already have, the learning curve is minimal, the relationship already exists, and your precious time can be focused on identifying new opportunities.
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The Importance of Technology Investment in Down Markets

Today, we face an extreme market disruption, and in times of economic uncertainty or decline, the investment made in new or existing IT systems can have a really big impact on how companies are able to weather the storm.
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