Month: April 2020

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KPI Metrics Are Changing (Once Again) – Can Your Systems Keep Up?

During times of dynamic change – we know what we want, but sometimes the existing infrastructure can’t keep up with expectations. This is happening with all the Industrial Transformation initiatives now in deployment. It is also the case with what KPIs are being measured and how that measurement is being achieved.
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Now is the Time to Double Down Existing Technology and Investments

Now might not be a good time to consider venturing into a brand-new product line. By doubling down on what you already have, the learning curve is minimal, the relationship already exists, and your precious time can be focused on identifying new opportunities.
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5 Ways to Determine Success Metrics in Digital Transformation

LNS Research recently conducted an in-depth study of the factors that separated aerospace and defense (A&D) companies that have been successful with their industrial transformation from the rest. From reading their findings, several conclusions can be drawn from the data.
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