Manufacturing Execution System • April 9, 2020

Announcing Performance Plus: A Complementary Services Offer from iBase-t

Naveen Poonian Naveen Poonian

iBase-t Performance Plus Offering

Never in modern history has the need to respond quickly to change been validated as a critical strategy for business survival. It goes without saying that what we are experiencing today is unprecedented. Changes must be implemented on nearly a daily basis. For complex manufacturers, this includes a reliance upon systems operability, effective communications, and the ability to execute upon contingency planning and process change management quickly and effectively. 

To that end, iBase-t recognizes that our customers now face challenges, unlike anything that could have been anticipated just 60 days ago. We also understand that the best way for us to navigate through these challenging times is to count on each other. 

In recognition of this alignment, we are launching “Performance Plus,” a new professional services program only available to existing iBase-t Solumina customers. As a customer, you are eligible over the next 60 days for a complimentary four (4) hours of Professional Services evaluation. This Performance Plus program is an opportunity for you to perform any one or more of the following:

  • Upgrade Simplification Assessment To help you plan an appropriate future product upgrade
  • Finding Shop Floor Efficiencies with Solumina (5S)Extract greater value from Solumina
  • Performance Tuning:  To optimize existing applications, products or services
  • Product Review Assistance or Planning: To assess your current iBase-t footprint, or to perform ROI calculation support
  • Architecture Planning or Assessment: To help with any future technology or product planning 

Take advantage of Performance Plus how you see fit. There are no obligations or hidden costs. This is our way of trying to help you to best ensure your operating systems are performing at full capacity, and that you are taking advantage of the full capability of your iBase-t solution. 

Given the need to maintain shelter-in-place requirements, these services can only be provided remotely by our trained experts. Whatever we can do to help, we’ll do our best to make it happen. 

Please reach out to your account contact to learn more and schedule this service. Alternatively, customers can contact us here – please be sure to reference Performance Plus in your inquiry. 

Performance Plus Program Specifics

This promotional offer will be available for 60 days and will expire on June 5th, 2020. Offer is open to all iBase-t customers that are current with their maintenance program. Only one “instance” will be offered per customer, defined as a separate business unit or billing entity. iBase-t reserves the right to make changes to this promotional offer as needed and will do its best to provide this offer in as timely a manner as possible.

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