Aerospace & Defense • July 22, 2017

Paris Air Show 2017 Recap



Despite the emergence of other salons around the world, the Paris Air Show remains by far the world’s leading aerospace event. Probably because it’s the oldest air show. The initiative of the “Exhibition of Aerial Locomotion” opened in September 1909 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

In the Aerospace & Defense industry, this show is the place to be for both civil and military applications. It is the most complete air show in the world, boasting demonstrations from top aerospace manufacturers, and over 2,000 exhibitors. This show is the crossroads of all the major actors of the A&D world and the closed field of the industrial, commercial and media competition between Airbus and Boeing. Not being part of it is almost sending a signal to the world saying, “We’re not part of the elite A&D club.”

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Aerial Demonstrations at Paris Air Show 2017

Paris Air Show 2017 was punctuated by magnificent aerial demonstrations such as the beautiful Rafale from Dassault, the powerful F-35A Lightning II from Lockheed Martin, the Tigre HAD from Airbus Helicopters, the majestic Airbus A350 and Boeing 787.

2017 Paris Air Show in Numbers

150 aircrafts
4,000 journalist
2,400 exhibitors
180,000 public visitors
140,000 professional visitors

Paris Air Show Attendance Down Slightly in 2017

Mr. Emeric D’Arcimoles, General Commissioner of the Paris Air Show, explains a nearly 10% dip in attendance and exhibitions by saying that the budgetary restrictions in many companies, and the state of emergency in France are to blame. Due to recent terrorist events, the safety of the trade show was under very high security. Several thousands of security personnel ensured its safety.

Business Up, Despite Lower Attendance at Paris Air Show

Despite a slight dip in attendance between the 2015 and 2017 Paris Air Show, business was booming, with 13% more orders this year. Turnover achieved $150 billion during the show by professionals in A&D, and the space industry. Boeing and Airbus alone recorded $ 114 billion worth of orders at this year’s Paris Air Show, at $74.8 billion, and $39.7 billion, respectively.

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