Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Solumina (Manufacturing Execution System) is designed for companies that manufacture or service complex products with multiple levels of sub-assemblies, and that are subject

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Supplier Quality Management (SQM)

Solumina Supplier Quality Management System enables a new systematic and dynamic approach to managing quality with suppliers.

Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)

Solumina’s Enterprise Quality Management System is designed to increase collaboration and communication between all levels of the manufacturing enterprise, from individual facilities to

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Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Solumina’s Operations Process Management software solution for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations enables new levels of visibility, productivity and reliability within organizations.


Manufacturing Intelligence

Improve access to key operational data to visualize performance and drive intelligent decision support

ERP Connectors

Synchronize business systems (IT) with operations (OT) to establish and maintain digital continuity

PLM Connectors

Establish closed loop digital continuity to synchronize data exchange between engineering and production systems


Integrate data archiving to ease regulatory compliance and improve production performances

Fast Value Program

More Agility. Less Anxiety. Deploy in 90 days with the Fast Value program.

Smart Glasses

Extend hands-free, paperless operations to front line workers as part of a smart manufacturing program.


Quality Management in the Boardroom: Building the Executive Business Case for EQMS

Top executives often do not see as much strategic value in quality management as in sales, engineering or manufacturing. As consequence, in many organizations quality is a silo and perceived as the “quality police.” After diving into this eBook you will receive actionable steps to build the Executive Business Case for EQMS.

SQM’s Rightful Role in Your Enterprise

Explore Supplier Quality Management and its crucial role in your manufacturing enterprise. This ebook helps you realize the total value of Quality.

Calculate Your Digital Thread Adoption Score

Discover how well your manufacturing enterprise is performing with the adoption of new technologies by taking our quiz. Once all responses have been selected, your Digital Thread Adoption score will be instantly calculated.

The Essential Checklist to Finding the Perfect Manufacturing Execution System

Your search for a Manufacturing Execution System can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for. Download our free checklist to ensure your company implements the right solution.

Quality Gains Without The Pains

Tackling the price of quality goes beyond reducing the number of defects. It involves evaluating the entire quality management system. Download this eBook

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Enabling the Digital Thread

Learn about unifying Design, Manufacturing and ERP in a Closed Loop Digital Thread.

Cost of Quality Roadmap for Medical Device

In order to make strides towards operational excellence, medical device manufacturers need to gain greater insights into their Cost of Quality (CoQ).

5 Strategies for Improving Medical Device Quality

Attaining higher levels of quality needs to start by galvanizing value chains to the goal of continual process improvement, performance, and end-to-end visibility.

7 Strategies for Improving A Medical Device Manufacturer’s Supplier Quality Management Initiative

Increasing production productivity and quality across your value chain starts by ingraining high supplier quality standards, then tracking and measuring key performance indicators

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5 Strategies for Improving MES in Medical Device Manufacturing

Improving Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) performance by reducing reliance on manual work instructions and time-consuming workflows accelerates production productivity across the entire value

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Everything You Need to Know About Cost of Quality in Aerospace & Defense

For complex manufacturers, their definition of quality is predicated on how well they stay aligned with the demanding, diverse and unique requirements of

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Five Proven Strategies For Improving MES Performance

The most profitable MES strategies concentrate on the included MESA survey.

Five Strategies For Improving Enterprise Quality Management

Improving compliance and quality management delivers measurable results, resulting in supplier collaboration that is more valuable than cash. Learn how complex manufacturers are

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Seven Strategies for Improving Supplier Quality Management

Seven key ideas for making supplier quality management a competitive advantage in complex manufacturing. Related Posts Aerospace & Defense Medical Device Nuclear Industrial

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Ten Strategies for Improving Manufacturing Cost of Quality

Daily improvements to manufacturing quality generate greater cost and time savings than even the largest, complex and most expensive projects.

What is MES?

An integrated paperless solution for complex manufacturers in aerospace & defense, industrial equipment, medical equipment/device and electronics.


Watch what Customers Have to Say About iBASEt

Visit Featured Customers to watch customer testimonials and read recent case studies and testimonials.

MES to Trust">How Virgin Orbit Found an MES to Trust

Learn more about Virgin Orbit’s use of Solumina MES as a streamlined solution for its efforts to make life on earth better.

Leverages Solumina">How Cirrus Aircraft Leverages Solumina

Read the case study for details about how Cirrus Aircraft uses the Solumina Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to streamline FAA Certification.

People First MES">How BAE Systems Implemented a People First MES

Follow BAE Systems as they quickly learned the importance of capturing the necessary engagement across functions within the project lifecycle, from the generation

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Solumina to make Quality More Than a Buzzword">How Lockheed Martin uses Solumina to make Quality More Than a Buzzword

At Lockheed Martin’s Clearwater plant in Florida, quality management is not just about compliance to industry and customer requirements―the team has a continuous

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Paperless Shop Floor Pays Off for General Dynamics AIS">The Journey to a Paperless Shop Floor Pays Off for General Dynamics AIS

On June 13th, General Dynamics AIS was presented the top award for Progressive Manufacturer of the Year by Managing Automation magazine.


Digital Thread Assessment

[Quiz] Ready for the Digital Thread? Find out now!

MES Checklist

Your search for a Manufacturing Execution System can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for. Download our free checklist to ensure your company implements the right solution.

MES Software Selection Guide

Download your Manufacturing Execution Software Selection Guide to learn how to select the best solution for your business.

Your Guide to the Digital Thread

Your Guide to the Digital Thread: White Paper – Weave your Own Digital Thread into the Future, eBook – How to Enable the Digital Thread, Calculator – An Audit of your Digital Thread Adoption, Industry Infographic – State of Digital Thread Adoption

Quality Resource Pack

Discover how to leverage a proven QMS to better complete in an increasingly interdependent manufacturing landscape. With an Integrated Digital Enterprise, you’ll never risk quality again.


Virgin Orbit Blast’s into Digital Operations with MES – Part 2 – The Robots Are Coming

Virgin Orbit implemented iBASEt’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software in record time to achieve its short term goals but… What do they have

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Virgin Orbit Blast’s into Digital Operations with MES – Part 1 – Fast Furious

  In our second episode of, Between Two Yuccas, iBASEt’s Conrad Leiva sits down with Virgin Orbit’s, Andrzej Goryca to discuss their manufacturing

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Conquering Manufacturing Innovation Challenges – Between Two Yuccas

In our premiere episode of, Between Two Yuccas, Conrad Leiva interviews Holly Haines, examining her past experience implementing MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in the Nuclear Plant Facility she previously worked for.

The MRO Digital Thread

In this, On the Board with iBASEt, Conrad Leiva will discuss how the digital thread can leverage integrated software to address connectivity issues in eight areas of interest: customers, specifications, workforce, equipment, parts, processes, suppliers, and records.

The Digital Thread in the Connected Manufacturing Enterprise

In this video, Conrad Leiva will discuss the current progress towards a full digitally threaded enterprise.

The Journey to Smart Manufacturing

In this presentation, Conrad Leiva discusses a road map for manufacturers on how to get started on the journey to Smart Manufacturing, identifying the 6 steps to begin:

5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #5 Program Risk

Getting implemented in 4 months versus 2 years could be the difference between a successful transformation of your manufacturing environment and a project with unfinished implementation that yielded minor improvements. Only bite off as much as you can chew in a reasonable time frame, even if it means giving up a few things to achieve that first project milestone successfully.

5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #4 Technical Risk

Technical risks can cause a sacrifice in performance or a delay in schedule requirements during an MES implementation. A common cause is over configuration and scope creep during an implementation.

5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #3 Change Management Risk

Changing an organization to move from legacy processes to new ones or to invest in a new software adoption requires heavy commitment from the management and the entire team company wide. Implementing new solutions can be a scary undertaking for anybody and can create fear of change in the organization.

5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #2 Operational Risk

Configured and COTS MES solutions always have some kind of failure risk. The reasons could be inherent, including insufficient hardware, lack of training, and/or other improper implementation processes. Validation is an extremely important exercise when custom building a solution to know how your company’s data and process flows will react in the software system.

5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #1 Budget Risk

With companies operating with tighter budgets, it is becoming more critical to manage costs throughout the entire implementation, not just the cost of the software licenses. Buying a software can be an expensive proposition if you underestimate the actual work required in services to make the software operational.

Achieve Quality Gains By Improving the Quality Management System

iBASEt's VP of Product Strategy and Alliances, Conrad Leiva, dives into specifics on how manufacturing enterprises can increase their quality without breaking the [...]

Valuable MRO Software Features in Solumina

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch this video to learn how Solumina MRO software delivers value for three main reasons.

A Quality Management System In MES Clothing

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch this video to learn why Solumina is truly a quality management system in MES clothing.

What is MRO and Why is it so Important to Complex Manufacturers Today?

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Learn more about MRO is so important to complex manufacturers today.

Where PLM Systems End and Solumina Begins

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Solumina begins where the PLM system ends, but the line is very blurry and depends on many criteria.

What Customers Love Best About Solumina Manufacturing Execution Software

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Solumina boosts efficiency on the shop floor by recording all shop floor data in one place.

What Manufacturing Operations Management Challenges Does ‘The Next Button’ Solve?

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch this video to see what “the Next button” solves.

We Are The Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration Pioneers

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch this video to learn more about why CIOs are moving towards out-of-the-box enterprise systems.

Two Ways to Incorporate MRO Software Into Your Shop

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Learn two ways to incorporate MRO software into your shop.

The State of Supply Chain Management Today

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Want to better manage your supply chain? Watch this!

The Significant Difference Between Complex Discrete Manufacturing & Other Markets

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch the significant difference between complex manufacturing vs. other industries.

The Real Reason Manufacturing Changes Take So Long to Process

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Watch why manufacturing changes take a long time to process due to complicated products and processes.

The Problems With and Solutions for Contract Flow-Down Requirements

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Want to hold the supply chain accountable for contract requirements? Watch this!

The Past, Present, and Future of Complex Manufacturing and Manufacturing Intelligence

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Watch about the past, present and future of complex manufacturing and manufacturing intelligence now!

The Integration Struggle

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch how Solumina conquers the integration struggle.

The Importance of Audit Trails and Device History Records

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Learn about Solumina’s As-Built Report which tells the user about a particular unit.

The Importance and ROI of Integration Capabilities

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch this to see if your manufacturing system giving you good ROI.

The Evolution of the Systems Environment in Complex Manufacturing

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch how system trends have evolved over the years and why that’s important today.

The Complicated Compliance Schema for Complex Manufacturing

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch how iBASEt’s Solumina was inspired by compliance standards.

The Complex Manufacturing Ecosystem

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Do you still operate with a variety of silo environments? Watch this!

Solumina Simplifies SARBOX for Complex Manufacturers

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch how Solumina simplifies Sarbanes-Oxley.

What is MES? Real-Time Visibility and Control of Shop Floor Issues

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Do you have real-time visibility on your shop floor? Watch this!

Mitigate Compliance Risks with Solumina Quality Management Systems

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Are you reducing compliance risks? Watch this!

Keeping MRO Focused on Quality with MRO Software

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch this to see how Solumina can help with your maintenance plans.

Is Solumina MES Software for You?

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch this to see if Solumina is right for you.

Increased Flow Down Requirement Efficiency with Supplier Management Software

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Boost efficiency with supplier management software. Watch this!

How Solumina Is Different from Other MES Systems

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Is Solumina right for your industry? Watch this!

How Solumina Benefits the Shop Floor Manager

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Learn how Solumina can benefit your shop floor!

First Steps Toward an Integrated Environment

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
How to take your first steps toward integrating your environment.

Creating Value on the Shop Floor

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch this video to learn how to create value on the shop floor!

Complex Manufacturing’s Intense Regulatory Environment

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
With intense regulatory standards, there’s no room for error. Watch this video to learn more!

Avoid Common MRO Mistakes with iBASEt Solumina MRO Software

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Learn how to avoid common MRO software mistakes. Watch this!

Beyond Simple Supplier Certification

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch how Solumina can automate processes to improve the supply chain.

Addressing the Compliance Concerns of Complex Manufacturers

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Are your regulatory concerns being addressed? Watch this!

Achieve Regulatory Compliance with Solumina

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch how Solumina can make you regulatory compliant.

A Perfect Leverage of Systems

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch this video to learn how Solumina can integrate with your other systems.

Why Do Organizations Struggle with Controlling Cost Drivers?

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Are you struggling with controlling the cost of quality? Watch this!

What is the New Model for Employee Training in Complex Manufacturing?

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Learn more about how training trends are affecting your system.

What Are Some of the Cost Drivers Associated with Quality?

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch this video to help identify the costs associated with quality.

Supply Chain Return on Investment (ROI)

Speaker: Vic Sial
Want to know more about how to get return on your investment with your supply chain? Watch now!

Solumina’s History, Vision and Mission

Speaker: Vic Sial
Watch to learn about iBASEt’s vision for Solumina!

Solumina Differentiators

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch to see how Solumina stands out from the competition!

Solumina and Medical Device Manufacturers

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Are you a medical device manufacturer? Check out this video!

Solumina and Complex Discrete Manufacturing

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Are you a complex discrete manufacturer? Watch this!

Shortening Cycle Times/Streamlining the Product Lifecycle

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch this video to see what three major things contribute to shortened cycle times after deploying Solumina.

Shop Floor Training in Complex Discrete Manufacturing

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Learn the two types of training in a shop floor environment. Watch this!

Reducing the Cost of Regulatory Compliance

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
There are many regulatory compliance costs out there. Are you prepared? Watch this!

Real-time Dashboards and Reporting

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch this video to gain insight on Solumina’s real-time reporting!

Quality and Paper-Based Shop Floor Processes

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Wanna eliminate paper on your shop floor? Watch this!

Product Design Engineering Challenges

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch this video to see why “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true on the shop floor.

Best Practices from Solumina

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch some of the best practices using Solumina.

You Need Solumina’s Supplier Quality Assurance and Supplier Management Software

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch this video to see how supplier quality assurance software can help you.

Which is More Difficult: a Complex Manufacturer or Developing Quality Management Software for them?

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Watch this video to see what is more difficult–being a complex manufacturer or developing quality management software?

Processing Engineering Changes Quickly and Accurately

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Watch this video to get a better understanding why organizations struggle to incorporate engineering changes quickly.

Poor Visibility and Control on the Shop Floor

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Do you have full visibility of your shop floor? Watch this!

Out of the Box Functionality

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch this video to gain a better understanding of Solumina’s out-of-the-box functionality.

Obstacles to Visibility on the Shop Floor

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Do you know what’s happening on your shop floor? Watch this!

Minimizing Defect Escapes to the Customer

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch this video to ensure your workforce uses quality tools that are easy to use.

Meeting Traceability Requirements

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Watch this to learn how to meet traceability needs.

Managing Highly Engineered Products

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch this to learn how to best manage engineered products.

Labor Waste on the Shop Floor

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch this video to see what the number one waste driver is on the shop floor. Hint, it’s not paper!

Integrated Quality Management

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Watch how Solumina makes quality easy to manage.

Increasing Shop Floor Efficiency

Speaker: Slavko Jovanovic
Watch this video to learn how to get more out of your shop floor.

Impact of Aging Workforce on the Shop Floor

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Want a better understanding of how to train the upcoming millennial generation? Watch this!

Looking for Supply Chain Solutions? Find Out How Solumina Helps with Supply Chain Execution

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch this video to help improve your audit performance!

ERP Manufacturing Software: Enterprise Resource Planning vs Manufacturing Execution System

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Watch this video to see how Solumina can work with your ERP system.

Eliminating Shop Floor Paperwork

Speaker: Conrad Leiva
Learn how Solumina can eliminate shop floor paperwork!

Eliminating Customer Escapes

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Learn how Solumina can help with corrective actions!

Best Practices for Reducing the Cost of Quality

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Learn how to reduce the cost of quality!

Best Practices for Improving Visibility on the Shop Floor

Speaker: Michel Gadbois
Watch this video to improve visibility on the shop floor.

An Amazing Way to Work

Speaker: Becky Kelderman
Learn how Solumina can improve your business processes and implement mistake proofs, traceability and reusability on your shop floor.


The Importance of End User Acceptance

Hear Jan Snoeij, President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute, on our fourth educational webinar presentation sponsored by iBASEt. In this presentation he will provide insights into just how critical it is to keep a strong focus on user acceptance when defining a Manufacturing Execution (MES), Quality, or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) System.

Picking the Right MES

Jan Snoeij continues this educational series with a focus on why not all MES solutions are created equal. Different MES applications have specialized capabilities that are critical to understand and evaluate. One size does not fit all. The right MES for your organization depends upon your production and quality process as well as customer expectations in today’s digital world.

What is IT/OT Convergence?

Hear industry expert Jan Snoeij, President and Sr. Business Consultant at the MOM Institute, take a closer look at IT and OT convergence.

It is Time to Rethink the RFP Process for MES

Are you preparing an RFP for an MES? If so, be sure to watch this webinar so your RFP is structured to take advantage of new capabilities now possible.

Patria / Belgium Engine Center’s Journey to Digital MRO Operations

The team at Patria / Belgium Engine Company (PBEC) sought to upgrade both their ERP and MRO operations to remove manual, paper-based processes. Little did they know that this journey would be like climbing a glacier. Hear this amazing story of perseverance to replace paper-based processes with digital workflows.

Why Today is a Great Time to Retire a Legacy MES

Next-generation manufacturing execution systems can now be implemented in 90 days or less with a modular architecture to enable greater speed and efficiency in operations. Watch this webinar to better understand the decision process and hear what options are now possible that can be started today. This presentation will reflect changes that have occurred in the past 60 days with insight into the future impact on the MES industry.

Industrial Transformation (IX) in Aerospace & Defense

Industrial Transformation (IX) is one of the most important trends in today’s industrial corporations and Aerospace & Defense (A&D) companies are leading the charge! LNS Research Principal Analyst Tom Comstock presents, “Industrial Transformation (IX) in Aerospace & Defense,” reviewing the findings from a recent LNS global survey to identify the best practices and life lessons found in the A&D industry.

Success with Solumina – FAI & PPV Management

In this Webinar, you’ll learn about First Article Inspection and Production Process Verification functionality of Solumina and how to apply them to your quality initiatives, digital transformation goals, and overall approach of “doing things better.” FAI/PPV is a tricky beast and so often we don’t adhere to the rules. Solumina drives that adherence so you don’t have to “think twice” about compliance.

Purchased Product Information and How It Plays into the Digital Manufacturing Strategy

With over 80% of purchased products going into assemblies, it is important to understand the impact of the information of these purchased products into the digital supply chain. Where does the information go? How is it used? How it is managed? There is a minefield of information to leverage to increase our efficiency, reduce rework and provide complete as-built information.

Connecting Views of As-Designed to As-Built with iBASEt’s New PLM Connector for TeamCenter

The wide gap between engineering and the shop floor systems is ever-present, resulting in scattered teams that are unable to efficiently manage data silos and incorporate last-minute design changes. To close that gap, iBASEt has created a customizable Integration Adaptor that uses automation to create a digital network of communication between engineering (PLM) and production (MES) systems, moving manufacturers one step closer towards completion of their digital transformation journey.

Digital Manufacturing’s Applicability in Sustainment Operation

The importance of efficiently collecting data within A&D (Aerospace and Defense) today has never been more stringent. The end user and compliance agencies require current and historical information to be accurate and readily available digitally. This includes all maintenance, repair, and overhaul information from sustainment processes.

AS9100/ISA95 and How It Impacts Digital Manufacturing

Compliance is a big deal. What we chose to implement, systems or processes have a direct impact to our ability to adhere to compliance. As complex manufacturers continue to broaden the digital manufacturing initiatives, it’s important to understand the effect of the decisions on compliance.

User Interface and Its Effect on the Digital Manufacturing Acceptance

Efficient manufacturing processes are necessary to improve the bottom-line for complex discrete manufacturers. Using a tool that provides instructions and prevents errors in data input is essential for success. Introducing Solumina’s new user interface, designed to improve operational efficiencies.

Genealogy and Serialization, What It Means in Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing in A&D and the requirements for genealogy is becoming more prevalent and mandatory to ensure a complete view of a delivered product to the customer. This change in traceability can often impact the current methodology by which this information is being collected.

Where Are You in Your Digital Manufacturing Journey?

Keeping up with new digital initiatives (Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Thread) in the complex discrete manufacturing space today can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve created the iBASEt Digital Manufacturing Webinar Series. This series is specifically geared towards Solumina customers and will focus on identifying industry trends, sharing best practices, and how you can leverage Solumina in your digital journey.

Where Smart Manufacturing Happens – The Intersection of the Digital Thread and IIoT

IIoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives are fueling a resurgence of interest to modernize practices at the factory floor and integrate machines to production, engineering, and business systems. In this presentation, we will discuss why the ISA95 definition of Level 3 still applies to this intersection with a few modifications.

Virgin Orbit Takes Off Into Production with MES Solution

This webinar examines the steps taken to transform Virgin Orbit from an entirely paper-based environment into a connected, digital enterprise that was deployed on time and within budget.

Supplier Quality Management: Supercharge SQM for Competitive Advantage

This webinar dives into what today’s quality leaders must do to realize the full value of quality efforts, particularly in light of rapidly changing market and regulatory conditions.

Navigating an MES Selection for Complex Discrete Manufacturing

This webinar will go beyond the general MES selection process and offer examples specific for Complex Discrete Manufacturing companies. Topics include: Mitigating risks in an MES selection through identification of unique industry requirements

The Intersection of Quality Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems

This webinar shows you how to make product quality and production strategies deliver more value in your organization than ever before, including the most valuable lessons learned at iBASEt on how diverse business processes can be orchestrated to deliver higher product quality and production performance.

Make Your Suppliers Work for You

This webinar describes how leading manufacturers are using Solumina’s supply chain software to improve purchased product quality. Also, learn the benefits of implementing an integrated quality solution that extends into the external supply chain and internal assembly, and is AS-9100 Rev C. & Part 820 compliant.

Do We Need to Integrate PLM & Execution Systems? Isn’t ERP Enough?

This webinar describes the reasons why you need better integration among engineering, supplier and operations business processes and how that integration will accelerate product innovation. Also, learn how product lifecycle management (PLM), supplier quality management (SQA), manufacturing execution system (MES), and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) software solutions work together.

Moving Your MRO Facility Forward

This webinar describes how leading manufacturers are using Solumina to develop, execute, and control MRO projects in one integrated system. Find out how other companies are making their facility and technicians more efficient, maintaining compliance through built in functionality requirements, and controlling waste drivers that become apparent during an MRO project.

What the Industry May Not Want You to Know About Your PLM

This webinar gives a visual depiction of where classical PLM tools fall short in fulfilling their stated objectives and why Product Lifecycle Execution (PLE) is an essential element in completing the PLM promise. PLE gives the development and product management groups real-time data to determine where the product designs and derived processes are meeting expectations and which areas of the configurations most need adjustment.

Managing Complex Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Operations

This webinar describes how working with vague requirements, unknown scope, undetermined conditions and lengthy cycle times create inefficiencies in the ability to plan, track progress, and tracking findings. And, how to reduce the issues driving discrete MRO facilities today by making complex simple, tackle complex issues for customers such as over and above work, how to drive the organization and manage the workload and create efficiencies in executing the cope. In addition, benefits to your organization with real-time tracking and traceability of work in progress will be covered.

The 3D Model-Based Enterprise Value Chain

This webinar discusses how improving the integration of engineering, supplier, and operations processes will enhance your innovation and product quality, how integrating information systems rounds out the PLM execution strategy for complex manufacturers. And, how various software integration scenarios work together.


Building a Foundation for Digital Manufacturing

In the next decade, Digital Manufacturing technologies will allow companies to connect physical assets and processes by a “digital thread” – unleashing a seamless flow of data that will link every phase of the product lifestyle.

Six Innovation Areas in MRO Leading the Path to the Model Based MRO Enterprise

In this paper, we discuss the convergence of technologies enabled by a new model-based enterprise philosophy that leverages the engineering 3D models and specifications throughout the product lifecycle including shop floor execution.

The Inevitability of Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is the inevitable outcome of a data-driven world where ubiquitous connectivity is breaking down barriers, and the traditional ideas of what a product or company is are fast becoming history. This new way of doing business will disrupt markets and those manufacturers who realized the Smart Manufacturing strategy early will have a decided advantage over their competition.

Don’t be Fooled by the Wrong MES

To understand the differences between MES solutions, it is highly useful to look at the five main MES types that comprise the bulk

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What is MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in Complex Discrete Manufacturing?

Today’s competitive manufacturing arena demands lower cost, more product variants, shorter product introductions, and better compliance to industry standards and regulations. This has

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Driving Operational Performance in A&D with Supplier Quality Management

In an industry as tightly regulated as Aerospace and Defense (A&D), robust supplier management, visibility, and traceability capabilities are not just nice-to-haves, they are

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Taking Enterprise Quality Management to the Next Level of Performance

Can you remember headlines in the news related to product recalls and quality issues? Related Posts Medical Device Industrial Equipment

Proactive Quality Management Requires Integrated Execution

Over the years, quality control has evolved from practices focused on final product inspection by a quality inspector to practices that rely Related

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Leveraging Enterprise Systems for Efficient Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance

Today’s marketplace demands higher quality products and many manufacturers have adopted a corporate quality culture to elevate the quality recognition of their brands.

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True Product Lifecycle Management Begins When Design Ends

Consider that the end-to-end lifecycle of a product begins with the first spark of innovation and ends when the product is dismantled, recycled,

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The MES Performance Advantage Best of the Best Plants Use MES

Based on a thorough analysis of Industry Week Best Plant winners and finalist data over a four-year period, there is conclusive evidence that

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Metrics that Matter: Uncovering KPIs that Justify Operational Improvements

Metrics matter in business performance. The better the company’s system for metrics, the more their operations performance improves, and the more their business

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Are We Ready for the New Manufacturing Workforce?

Just as business is picking up, we are facing an aging workforce and are having trouble recruiting skilled new employees. Related Posts Tooling

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High Efficiency in Manufacturing Operations

It can be very challenging, even for Best-in-Class manufacturers, to both drive efficiency gains and then translate these gains to bottom line results. 

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Modernizing Operations Management in the Nuclear Energy Industry

Increased global demand for energy has suddenly boosted demand for nuclear reactors worldwide. Related Posts Nuclear Manufacturing Execution System

Assuring FAA Compliance on Use of Electronic Modeling Systems and Data in Production

As more manufacturers and maintenance shops in the Aerospace industry adopt the use of modern design software, components are manufactured, assembled

Easier FAA Compliance and Communication with a Production and Inspection System

Stricter FAA regulations and rising customer expectations are raising the quality bar each year for Aerospace and Defense companies. Related Posts Aerospace &

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Eliminating the Paperwork Constraints on the Shop Floor

Many manufacturing business practices and information systems are still designed around paper documents. Related Posts Medical Device Electronics Manufacturing Execution System