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Manufacturing Predictions for 2021

The year 2020 has been a challenging one for manufacturers. After the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic and its disruptive effects, many manufacturers have managed to weather the storm by embracing cloud, digital technologies, remote access, and more. To elucidate the changes that have taken place in the manufacturing arena this year and those that are expected for 2021, we have the expert opinions and predictions of execs at several manufacturing software providers.

The Great IT Debate: Best-of-Breed or Single Suite?

Would you like just one supplier, or is it best to have a few equally capable providers so as to navigate unexpected issues or surprises? Regardless of your decision, both enterprise and operational technology architectures must be capable of delivering a far more heightened level of agility across operations and the overall manufacturing enterprise.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerated Manufacturing Innovation – and My ...

As the end of this pandemic starts to become more of a reality, I suspect many of the changes that have been implemented will likely last to post-pandemic times. Based on this expectation, in a bold move, here is a list of my predictions on how the manufacturing industry will look like in 2021!

Achieving Perfect Quality in Manufacturing

Quality 4.0, like Industry 4.0, takes a data-driven approach to quality performed during the production ecosystem, including how to manage and improve the product, processes, planning, compliance, standards and more.

HCL Technologies Partners with iBASEt to Expand Industry 4.0 in the ...

HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company today announced its partnership with iBASEt, a leading provider of manufacturing, quality and sustainment solutions to support greater scaling of operations to serve growing needs of complex discrete manufacturing industries.

iBASEt: A Virtual Update Instead of Excelerate 2020 (For Now)

A&D manufacturers with complex processes and compliance requirements should be evaluating iBASEt for their IX and MES/MOM programs. “Out of the Box” MES is valuable in and of itself. Platforms powering Digital Thread solutions are fundamental to IX success in discrete.

iBASEt on MES Software Trends & Evolution for Digital Manufacturers

This post talks with MES software provider, iBASEt, about the use of MES software for manufacturers, including the features and capabilities of this software within a manufacturing environment, current trends in the use of MES software, MES software benefits for customers, and the evolution of MES software.

Agile 101 for MES

Sung Kim, the CTO from iBASEt has much to explain and show about his and iBASEt’s approach to Agile MES.

Simplify & Streamline MRO Solutions at iBASEt

iBASEt provides simplified solution to complex manufacturing challenges. In an exclusive interview with John Simmons, MRO Product Manager at iBASEt, he speaks about the specific features about their latest MRO software, his take on the MRO markets, the looming problem of cyber-security and more.

Overcoming Obstacles to Supply-Chain Collaboration

For years, the belief that the seamless, transparent, and real-time flow of communication can improve the results of supply-chain collaboration has been the holy grail of business: frequently aspired to, but seldom achieved.

Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap

The time has come to to equip a new generation of tech-savvy factory workers. Continue reading to learn about high-tech manufacturing career opportunities are accelerating.

Streamlining and Integrating Manufacturing Execution Systems and ...

iBASEt's Digital Manufacturing software offers solutions for streamlining and integrating Manufacturing Execution System and Operations Management (MES/MOM), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Enterprise Quality Management Systems (EQMS) for operations and Supplier Quality Management.

MES for Digital Manufacturing

Many new technologies are being introduced these days into manufacturing operations, yet the Manufacturing Execution System (MES)—which has been around for decades—is viewed as a foundational enabler of digital transformation.

California-based, iBASEt Makes Its Mark in Toulouse

It has been nearly a year since California-based iBASEt set up shop in Toulouse. More specifically, the company has decided to locate its European headquarters in the heart of B612, this new totem building dedicated to aeronautical and space research.

The Quest for Digital Alignment in Aerospace

The challenge of managing major change within an ongoing enterprise can be tricky. Production management involving sophisticated and highly regulated products such as commercial aircraft, where every element—labor, materials, engineering, technology, design, equipment, processes and more—is costly, subject to constant change and intensive scrutiny—almost always in the face of unforgiving deadlines.

Lockheed Martin Selects iBASEt Digital Manufacturing Solution

Lockheed Martin has selected a digital manufacturing suite from manufacturing software company iBASEt for its military aeronautics division. The digital manufacturing suite will be used for tracking prepreg out time on Lockheed Martin’s defense aircraft applications, among other manufacturing operations.

Operational Architecture Drives Digital Transformation at Lockheed Martin ...

Arriving to much fanfare, the X-35 concept first took shape in a 1997 government competition, and in 2001, Lockheed Martin’s F-35 moved into production with partners Northrup Grumman and BAE Systems. By 2006, the first F-35A rolled off the company’s Fort Worth production line for testing, and by 2011, the company was delivering aircraft.

Gearing Up for the Defense Industry’s Digital Transformation

The U.S. government spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined, and experts predict spending will rise 3 to 5 percent per year. This steady growth is occurring alongside a surge in demand for commercial airliners, increasing pressure on manufacturers to produce highly engineered components, aircraft, tanks and ships more efficiently.

What Value Does Cloud Bring to Manufacturing?

As businesses gain confidence in the use of cloud technology for manufacturing, they are adopting these cloud applications in greater volume. The cloud offers a wealth of benefits that become more readily apparent with each passing day.

Success Can Hide Inefficiency

Regardless of company size, lack of insight into operations data can inhibit growth and create problems. Virgin Orbit and Vecima Networks -two very different companies - are leveraging data gathering, analysis and use to ensure optimal efficiencies in both operations and business decision-making.

Beyond The Buzz – Guiding Digital Ecosystem Development with ...

Throwing money (or software) at problems, challenges, and opportunities isn’t a panacea. Tech is only as good as the diligently outlined use case driving implementation. Staying centered on solving substantial, ongoing challenges and meaningful opportunities will guide digital strategy and investment towards sustainable, business-aligned outcomes.

iBASEt Delves Deeper into Digital Manufacturing

The recent spate of digital technologies such as analytics/big data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), mobility, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, digital twin, augmented/virtual reality, and other such tools have been transforming the manufacturing industry. This digital transformation (or perhaps revolution) is tearing down the traditional walls and silos of manufacturing via new connectivity and related data acquisition and processing capabilities.

Virgin Orbit’s Goryca describes ‘fast and furious’ ...

It is possible to implement MES (manufacturing execution system) software that does away with paper documentation in less than six months. Andrzej Goryca, Sr. Enterprise Systems Manager at Virgin Orbit, explains his fast and furious implementation process.

Digital Manufacturing: Reasons to Not Dawdle

The industry is going through an exciting revolution and these are great times to be working in manufacturing. Companies with highly connected and adaptable systems will have a big advantage in future markets.

Three Perspectives Converge on Smart Manufacturing

By now, everything should be full steam ahead for smart manufacturing with an appealing goal of reaching higher levels of connectivity, orchestration and optimization in the manufacturing value chain - and enjoying a smorgasbord of available and practical information technology building blocks.

What’s Next for Smart Manufacturing?

In 2018, manufacturers need to lay the groundwork for manufacturing operations success by investing in the technologies driving digital transformation and embracing the emerging changes in their industries.

Modernizing MRO

Companies specializing in maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial planes are beginning to face competition from the companies that built the planes. How can MRO specialty providers compete? Industry executive Tom Hennessey says it all starts by embracing the concept of the digital thread.

Never ‘Another November’ at iBASEt

The Poonian’s story is filled with loss, heartbreak, perseverance and success. Read about the story that lead iBASEt to become the company it is today.

A Sea of Change for Shipbuilding: Digital Integration and Automation are ...

The next decade will be characterized by immense challenge and opportunity for the shipbuilding industry. Ramping up new ship production and boosting MRO efficiency will only be possible through strategic and comprehensive adoption of the MBE model and the emerging automation and analytics innovations that are bringing it to fruition.

A&D Consolidation Points to Steady Industry Growth, Underscores the ...

Military contractor Northrop Grumman recently announced that it would buy Orbital ATK, which makes components for missiles and satellites. This is the latest consolidation in the high growth aerospace industry, preceded by United Technologies’ move to Acquire Rockwell Collins.

What is Smart about Smart Manufacturing?

Although industry is just starting to progress toward smart manufacturing, leaders endeavor to elevate the connectivity and orchestration of manufacturing processes across the entire value chain.

How to Set Off on The Smart Manufacturing Journey

Conrad Leiva, vice president for product strategy and alliance at iBASEt and chair of the smart manufacturing working group at MESA International, speaks with Smart Manufacturing Magazine Editor in Chief Brett Brune.

Paving the Way to Enterprise Digital Integration

Based on the dual concepts of digital twin and digital thread, the Model-Based Enterprise approach can provide true competitive advantages to manufacturers of highly engineered products.

Manufacturing Technology Innovations Advance MRO Capabilities

Smart manufacturing technologies, from Big Data analytics to robotics, are already transforming industries around the world — intensifying competition, increasing efficiency, and making products and services safer and more reliable.

A True ‘Digital Handoff’ Can Yield a Horn of Plenty

The digital thread concept raises the bar for delivering the right information to the right place at the right time. Among other benefits, the digital thread is expected to improve product quality by avoiding mistakes in manual translations of engineering specifications.

Digital Technology Innovations Converge to Transform MRO

Safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance issues are obvious MRO mandates. The scale and scope of investment is also paramount—after all, airplanes can’t be replaced like broken dishwashers. As demand escalates and resources shrink, MRO enterprises must become more advanced and efficient to stay competitive.

Following the Digital Thread Into The Future

The concept of the digital thread holds the promise of integrating the manufacturing enterprise in a way never before achieved. But manufacturers must understand the challenges as well as the rewards of this transformative paradigm shift.

Aerospace & Defense Sector Gears Up for Increased Spending and ...

Even before the official start to the Trump administration, A&D manufacturers began to see signs of a sea change in military spending. Both Trump and John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, announced plans to drastically increase the defense budget over the next several years.

Trump Administration Fuels Hopes for Defense Market

In the weeks since the election, both the newly minted administration and senior congressional leaders have substantiated the market’s A&D optimism. It seems certain that President Trump and the Republican Congress will undo the budget sequester, taking the shackles off military spending.

Meeting Nuclear Regulatory Compliance With Better Product Lifecycle ...

Anyone working with nuclear materials knows that navigating the nuclear regulatory environment is as complicated as it is critical. Going beyond federal regulations, the industry developed Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 (ASME NQA-1) with specific criteria to aid each site in maintaining the rigorous quality standards required in the nuclear industry.

Why Quality Management Should Have a Seat at The Boardroom Table

The relevance of manufacturing in a modern business environment now extends far beyond the four walls of the shop floor. The many product and operational decisions that C-level executives make on a daily basis involve numerous production issues and collaboration challenges with suppliers around the globe in an effort to produce products that are relevant and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Achieving Cradle-to-Grave Bi-Directional Traceability with MOM

Daily challenges associated with improving device quality, maximizing resources, reducing costs and maintaining competitive advantage, leads many medical device manufacturers to a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system for streamlining and simplifying their operations.

MES Software Helps Manufacturer of Revolutionary Hearing Aid

Earlens uses iBASEt’s MES to track, control and document the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. The software provides information that helps manufacturing management understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output.

Demystifying the Digital Thread and Digital Twin Concepts

Digital Thread and Digital Twin concepts are gaining interest beyond the aerospace and defense industry and are converging with the digital manufacturing and cyber-physical system goals of Industrie 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

Five Risks to Consider When Selecting an MES

As manufacturing industries face a daunting amount of change in the fast-paced era of smart factories and digitally integrated global supply chains, many companies are seeking new MES solutions in an effort to achieve higher level of excellence.

The Inevitability of Smart Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Enterprise Systems Association has devised a five-layer roadmap to enable manufacturers to adopt smart manufacturing technologies, processes, and practices. Now, manufactures need to put the digital pieces in place to get there.

1% IT in Aerospace and Defense

The IT organization increasingly finds itself caught between opposing imperatives—being encouraged to provide greater support to the business while being ordered to cut costs.

2014 Outlook on Aerospace & Defense

Shifting defense spending and opportunities in new markets may require life cycle cost reduction and business model transformation, according to Tom Captain, vice chairman and U.S. Aerospace & Defense (A&D) leader for Deloitte LLP.

Quality Breakthroughs: Many Paths, Common Themes

Effective quality management can drive significant business benefits, but it requires focused technology, business process changes and integrated data from automation and enterprise systems.

ERP Gets A Complete Makeover

Three major business-application vendors are in the midst of development projects to rewrite their software suites. Given the problems of the past, the improvements need to be more than skin deep.

Supporting PLM and Workflow

Product design often entails product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the maintenance and subsequent production of a manufactured product.
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