Manufacturing Execution System • August 26, 2016

iBase-t Identified in Gartner Market Guide for Manufacturing Execution System Software

iBase-t Experts

Gartner recently recognized iBase-t in its “Market Guide for Manufacturing Execution System Software.” iBase-t was listed in the pure-play class of vendors who derive all of their revenue from sales of MES software and design their products to provide specialized sets of rich features that are not tackled by the more generalist enterprise software vendors in the MES market. Below we’ve identified two key takeaways from the Gartner report to keep in mind during your next MES purchasing decision.

iBase-t’s MES Software Specializes in Complex Manufacturing

Gartner’s Market Guide describes iBase-t as a specialist in the complex discrete industrial manufacturing space of aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO). According to the report, “iBase-t’s solution enables product life cycle execution, starting with supply chain quality management, and then MES and MRO. Using paperless work instructions and process planning, Solumina [by iBase-t] includes job dispatch, process control, resource management and detailed genealogy tracking.”

MES is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which means businesses must find vendors who specialize within their type of manufacturing environment.

Complex discrete manufacturers, particularly in the Aerospace and Defense industry, are facing multiple challenging factors, including tough competition and complex supply chains. By using Solumina from iBase-t many of these manufacturers are creating a digital thread connecting engineering, business and suppliers to manufacturing and quality management processes. This is key functionality enabling new LEAN collaborative practices for our users. Our identification by Gartner is a confirmation of our mission to provide a streamlined comprehensive MES solution for complex manufacturing.
Michel Gadbois, VP Sales, iBase-t

MES is a Solution for The Whole Enterprise

The Market Guide noted companies now consider MES software a solution for the whole enterprise, rather than simply a siloed solution. Enterprises are looking for comprehensive MES solutions that can benefit the whole business –tending to partner with providers that understand their business and will support their long-term needs.

In order to avoid the expense of customization, businesses in search of the right MES software must consider how an MES will satisfy current needs while still being aligned with future goals. As the Gartner report pointed out, not all MES vendors are suitable for every industry. For more information on how to know which MES vendor is right for your business goals, download our white paper: Don’t be Fooled by the Wrong MES.

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