Medical Devices • October 29, 2015

Cost of Quality Roadmap for Medical Device

Devon Morris Devon Morris

Bottom Line: Cost-of-Quality-Medical-DeviceIn order to make strides towards operational excellence, medical device manufacturers need to gain greater insights into their Cost of Quality (CoQ).

Cost of Quality

If medical device manufacturing wasn’t already complex enough with strict FDA regulations and industry standards, Cost of Quality adds another dimension to its complexity. Since the breadth of information and data associated with CoQ can be overwhelming, we put this eBook together to provide clarity and simplify the process for those who want to learn more about where and how they can improve processes today.

This eBook helps you fully understand and calculate Cost of Quality so you can start making process improvement plans today.

From this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why cost of quality matters
  • Cost of quality’s impact on the value chain
  • The true cost of poor quality
  • How to calculate the costs of good and poor quality