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Ladeira Poonian

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Trinidad, Ladeira Poonian started her career as a registered nurse, certified in England, Canada and the USA. She earned an RNC degree to work with high-risk pregnancies.

After her husband and founder, Amrik Poonian, tragically passed away in 1998, Ladeira found herself the biggest shareholder of Telecom Solutions, Inc. (TSI). It was at this time that she decided to leave her twenty-eight year nursing career to continue his legacy.

In 1999, Ladeira rebranded the company to iBASEt since its flagship product, now renamed, Solumina, became the “base” of “Information Technology”. As a woman with strong family values and a passion for life, Ladeira evolved the company culture by instituting flex work schedules that afforded a balance between work and home.

Ladeira’s humble strength and perseverance in emergent situations guided her to make quick decisions that directed the company through challenging years including her career transition into software and Aerospace & Defense, the dot.com crash, Y2K scare, 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2008 economic collapse. Her leadership continues iBASEt’s success today.

Amrik Singh Poonian


Born on a farm in a village with no electricity or running water in Punjab India, Amrik Singh Poonian had ambition. His persistence in high school awarded him a scholarship in England and a Master’s degree in engineering in Canada. After landing a job in the United States working in communications, the American Dream resonated with him as he dreamed of one day being his own boss. He created three business plans to raise venture capital and three times, he failed—but that didn’t stop him.

Amrik felt persistence was key to success and decided to “boot strap” and obtain his own capital through consulting. As the lone employee, he started his own company, Telecom Solutions, Inc. (TLS) in 1986.

Less than ten years later, in 1993, Telecom Solutions Inc.’s mission evolved when Amrik won a contract with McDonnell Douglas, a major American aerospace manufacturing corporation and defense contractor, to help build the Boeing C-17. He had a vision to make the complex manufacturing shop floor interactive through use of a workstation rather than the manual process. And, TSI developed an off the shelf commercial product called Shopfloor 2000.

The revolutionary software transformed Amrik’s company into a multi-million dollar operation with over 90 employees and Amrik’s American Dream had finally come to fruition. He continued to be a man of global vision up until he unexpectedly died of a heart attack in 1998.

The product helped the mechanics and any worker in the complex process to do their job electronically without any paper, and efficiently.

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