Author: Devon Morris

Devon Morris is a Sr. Business Development Representative with more than nine years of enterprise software experience. At iBASEt, he engages with complex discrete manufacturing leaders to understand their challenges and strategy for digital manufacturing.

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Dealing With IIoT’s Firehose of Data

As manufacturers design their operational-systems architecture they need to build in the capacity to triage the flow of information.
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A Closer Look at MES and New Product Introduction

Recently, I wrote about several ways that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can improve New Product Introduction (NPI). In that article, I explained how an MES can play a critical role in improving and streamlining the new product introduction process.
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How MES Can Improve The New Product Introduction Process

Becoming a digital master with New Product Introduction will set you apart and become a critical part of staying competitive. And with MES, you can do so with far better performance that can accelerate your new product launches to top speed.
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The SQM Advantage

SQM is a competitive advantage in manufacturing. AS9100 Rev D points to how rigorous quality management has become in aerospace.
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