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Dan Miklovic is the founder and principal analyst at Lean Manufacturing Research, LLC. He has a wealth of experience as an end-user, software vendor, consultant, and market research analyst. He led a plant applications development and implementation team at Weyerhaeuser, was a process system engineer at Scott Paper, led the network design team at a large engineering firm serving the pulp & paper and mining industries. His industry analyst experience includes roles at Gartner, Sustainable Collaborations Group, and LNS Research. He is currently a member of The Analyst Syndicate. He has authored dozens of articles, contributed to several engineering handbooks, authored a text on industrial networking, and was a co-host of World Business Review, a TV program seen on public television, CNBC, and other outlets.  You may contact Dan at [email protected].



MES & Lean Manufacturing: Friend or Foe?

When it comes to an MES, staunch Lean originalists see MES as antithetical to Lean principles. Consequently, some have called into question the value of an MES. Just as with any technology, results can vary. Is an MES a friend or foe to a Lean strategy?




Best-of-Breed vs. Single Suite – Picking an MES

In my last blog post, I examined the evaluation choice of what OT architecture is best between a Best-of-Breed or single-vendor suite approach. In this post, I will continue this discussion and focus more on how this decision can play out for those implementing a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES).