Month: January 2020

Blog Post

Why is Industrial Transformation so Difficult?

Many businesses are implementing a digitalization strategy to transform their business processes. Continue reading to learn the difference between business transformation and industrial transformation and the challenges companies face that don’t operate in the industrial world.
Blog Post

Digital Continuity – The First Step to Creating an Industry Ecosystem

As new digital marketplaces continue to evolve and expand, there is a risk of being left behind if investments are not made today to be part of this ecosystem. Fortunately, an industry ecosystem can be readily established that is valuable to customers and end users. Continue reading to learn about first steps.
Aerospace & Defense

Create a Digital Ecosystem by Taking a Cue from the Tech Giants

Continue reading to see how existing digital platforms provided by the tech giants could be a potential threat to the spare parts business that many Aerospace & Defense manufacturers have come to rely upon as part of their business model. This post will explore the merit of this prediction and what steps can be taken to minimize this threat as part of a digital transformation strategy.
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