Manufacturing Execution System • February 26, 2016

2016 Predictions: Manufacturing Execution Systems Adoption in EMEA

iBase-t Experts

Defining the Manufacturing Execution Systems landscape in EMEA

Manufacturing Execution Systems automation software helps manufacturing industries to improve operational performance by automating, executing, and managing various processes. The rising demand for mass production in various industries in the EMEA region has led to the surge in adoption of Manufacturing Execution Systems software. Countries including England, Germany, and France, all of which have manufacturing operations that can easily scale globally, continue to be the early adopters of MES solutions.

The four predictions of Manufacturing Execution Systems adoption in EMEA are presented below:

  1. Demand will increase for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), industry-specific MES solutions in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and paper industries. For instance, the integration of digital systems in the healthcare industry has created a high demand for MES solutions. Regulatory compliance, streamlined shop floor instructions and operations, paperless process workflows, and greater visibility from the shop floor to the top floor are just a few of the many factors driving manufacturers to adopt COTS MES systems in EMEA during 2016.
  2. Average deal size will continue to stabilize over the next 12 months. While the MES market in EMEA faces many challenges, one aspect of the industry will see deal sizes stabilize and require less Capital Expense (CAPEX) budgeting for many manufacturers to gain approvals for new software purchases.  The evolving economics of cloud computing are making it possible for manufactures to pay for only the amount of services they receive from a given application, revolutionizing the way organizations manage their money and software. The future of MES solutions includes cloud-based applications than can scale securely globally and require only OPEX-based funding.
  3. Discrete manufacturing will continue to be the majority of MES software sales in EMEA in 2016. 59% of MES software in use throughout EMEA is projected to be used by discrete manufacturers, predominantly in the follow sub-segments: automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics and medical equipment manufacturing.  Process industries are projected to be 41% of total MES software demand in 2016. The process industry comprises of food, beverages, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and paint manufacturing. The adoption of supply chain software to produce low cost and highly reliable products in the process automation industry is expected to drive the growth of this segment throughout 2016.
  4. Adoption of cloud-based MES solutions will continue to accelerate in small to mid-tier manufacturers. Cloud-based solutions are finding high adoption in the manufacturing environment due to its secure, reliable and scalable nature. It allows manufacturers to adopt a customer-centric approach while reducing the cost of implementation and power bills. MES solutions are also being integrated into other applications such as product lifecycle management, product data management, and enterprise resource planning. This integration increases the efficiency of production by being able to monitor the entire business operations of a production plant.

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