Manufacturing Execution System • July 12, 2016

Don’t be Fooled: 2 Things to be Aware of When Choosing an MES Software

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Pouring millions of dollars into a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that doesn’t guarantee ROI is not only reckless, it’s unfortunately all too common. In today’s industry, there is a misperception that all MES solutions have a common intent, purpose and function. This misperception often justifies an MES selection based on brand recognition and politics as a “job well done.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Choosing the right MES Vendor requires homework and a proof of concept, not a brand name and a fancy PowerPoint presentation.

While the advantages of implementing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) are clear, many organizations will undermine these benefits by investing in the wrong solution. And more often than not, once identifying a poor MES decision has been made, the decision maker won’t bite the bullet and own up to the mistake. Instead they’ll keep dumping money to make it work, putting them in a worse spot than they were in before. The fact is no one wants to admit to a poor decision that costs the organization millions of dollars, so avoid error and make the right decision the first time around.

Beware of the Persuasive Salesman

You would think it’s impossible that the same MES designed for mass produced products like smartphones would be sold into a market as highly complex and engineered as aerospace; yet with a persuasive sales team, it happens all the time. While it’s an outrage, software solution vendors are turning this strategy into millions by customizing products designed for an entirely different market. Beware.

Opportunistic vendors are partly at fault, but decision makers must also acknowledge some accountability. To pull off this type of deception, you generally need two things: a deceiver and a group of decision makers frustrated with current processes. Couple those two things with a billion-dollar brand name company and you are left with those having purchasing power blinded. A brand name isn’t going to improve your manufacturing process, but the right solution will.

When it comes to MES, a One-Size-Fits-All approach doesn’t work

When it comes to choosing an MES vendor, avoid the “Jack of All Trades,” and opt in for one specifically made for your market. Don’t fall prey to the generalization without value. When you really get down to the tool, it has to be focused on intricacies of the shop floor it was designed for. To learn which type of MES is fit for your market, download our eBook, “Don’t be Fooled by the Wrong MES.” Avoid the expense of customization: choose the right MES for the right job.

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