Waiting to Go Paperless? There Is No Time like the Present

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Waiting to Go Paperless? There Is No Time like the Present

Companies operating in industries such as aerospace, defense, heavy industrial equipment, ship maintenance, nuclear and other highly regulated vertical markets often want to shift away from their costly, inefficient paper processes, but don’t think now is the right time. After all, in an age of government cutbacks and economic fluctuation, there always seems to be far too much in orbit as it is – how is the team possibly supposed to learn a new system on top of juggling their current workloads?

The real world doesn’t wait for a company to transition to a new way of doing business. Executives understand this, and often, end up spending extra time and money maintaining – or attempting to make small changes to – existing paper-based processes until the time comes that conditions look ripe for change. That might mean waiting for the next time a new program starts, or hoping that the company can “stay the course” until the market settles down.

The trouble is, while companies wait, they run the risk of expensive recalls, cost overruns and product launch delays – not to mention the potential loss of their advantage to competitors who are quickly switching to efficient, cost-saving digital solutions and might be winning those fewer new contracts. They might also continue to pour good money into their bad current custom systems even when they know there are better choices out there because they are afraid of taking bigger steps. The smarter companies truly are the ones who refuse to remain complacent but rather take proactive measures to improve operational excellence.

There is a grand irony at work here, because with Solumina, a flagship MES and MRO software solution, transitioning from paper-based processes doesn’t pose a problem to a company already overloaded with handling the myriad complexities of the modern marketplace. The software is designed with a customizable transition period in mind, because we understand that making a large change to operational processes is like trying to turn a ship around – it takes time but is often necessary to make smaller maneuvers to get where you want to be. That is why the transition to Solumina’s all-digital, seamlessly integrated platform is implemented over time, giving everyone in the company the time they need to adjust to the changes while still retaining the operational flexibility needed to handle emergent issues.

You know that ideal someday never comes – but there was never any need to wait for the “perfect moment.” To learn more about how Solumina can help your company easily and flexibly transition to paperless processes in a manner consistent with your operation’s unique needs, contact us today. We can share the experiences and lessons learns that our users have shared with us.

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