Valuable MRO Software Features in Solumina

iBASEtValuable MRO Software Features in Solumina



Valuable MRO Software Features in Solumina

Speaker: Becky Kelderman

Solumina MRO software delivers value for three main reasons.
1. Standard repeatable processes, which allow users to develop a library of standard work or operations that can be leveraged through any MRO, after-market warranty repair, or even manufacturing process. This library subset of work that anyone can use is a very unique element to Solumina.
2. Built-in quality, which creates savings. Because Solumina has features to generate discrepancies on the fly with prepopulated information, companies eliminate all of the redundant work that their shop floor technicians may be doing by going to a different system to generate a quality record.
3. In-depth tracking. The moment a manufacturer removes a component piece or the moment an assembly is earmarked for a separate or secondary process, the corresponding information is not only captured electronically, it is also followed electronically. Regardless of where the part resides or what happens to it, Solumina develops a full, traceable view and history for an as-built or as-maintained bill of material.

To learn more about how Solumina is helping manufactures innovate their process download our eBook.

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