Two Ways to Incorporate MRO Software Into Your Shop

iBASEtTwo Ways to Incorporate MRO Software Into Your Shop



Two Ways to Incorporate MRO Software Into Your Shop

Speaker: Becky Kelderman

MRO arrives at a facility in two different forms to be repaired, modified, or overhauled. In some situations, the requirements are very stringent. These elements must only be fixed. There are also MRO elements for which a facility may spend days or weeks diagnosing what is wrong and determining how to repair it. Both are cumbersome projects. 

Most of today’s MRO environments still work on paper or disparate electronic systems. It takes time to manually gather, understand, interpret, and deliver instructions to the shop floor for execution. The MRO aspect of manufacturing is especially arduous because the products have history that needs to be learned, and it takes time and money to track, understand, and write it in a new format to be delivered to the shop floor. 

The best fix is to go paperless with an MRO solution that provides all the necessary information in an electronic, controlled, traceable format. Solumina delivers not only the ability to manage the electronic written word, but it also adds in any quality issues, findings, and decisions that occur throughout the MRO lifecycle over a span of weeks or years. 

At the end of the day, in order to compete in today’s digital manufacturing revolution, companies must find a solution to integrate all interfaces into one digital thread. Download our eBook to learn how Solumina can make this a reality.

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