Is Solumina MES Software for You?

iBASEtIs Solumina MES Software for You?



Is Solumina MES Software for You?

Speaker: Michel Gadbois

Because it is extremely focused, Solumina is a little bit different from most environments. We assess whether each potential customer has the right kind of issues to make Solumina necessary. 

If Solumina is a good match, organizations get an out-of-the-box solution with more than 3,900 standard features that were specifically designed for their type of business and issues. They do not have to reinvent terminology or extend the application through customization. The processes normally required to make a complex product have been pre-established and laid out in logical roles. Organizations just need to install it, set up users, assign them necessary privileges, and start authoring. 

Some Solumina customers have installed the system and begun to author work instructions within three weeks. Others have gone live and begun adding value after just three months, which is unheard of in the complex discrete manufacturing industry. 

The ready-to-use standard integrated functions and interfaces enable the quality assurance group to have complete oversight of everything that is going on. When they raise a flag, a notification automatically appears on a virtual dashboard. 

Solumina tracks the time it takes engineers to react and put the line back to domino status. It generates linear descent graphs that show the greatest waste issues and the cycle time spent on them. If a manufacturer promises a product to a customer in 35 days and it is taking an average of 43 days to deliver, Solumina shows where the lost time occurred. The disadvantage is that Solumina is a focused product that performs like a fish out of water if an organization tries to use it for something it was not designed to facilitate.

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