How Solumina Is Different from Other MES Systems

iBASEtHow Solumina Is Different from Other MES Systems



How Solumina Is Different from Other MES Systems

Speaker: Michel Gadbois

Solumina can be classified as an operations process management solution or a product life cycle execution solution. It goes beyond the traditional (and limited) definition of a manufacturing execution system (MES).

Solumina is not for every industry. We had the opportunity to create a solution for all markets by introducing a toolkit that could be configured exactly to users’ needs, and then replicated in other facilities. Such a solution could cost millions of dollars and take many months or even years to fully implement. Today’s industry wants a solution that is ready to use on day one. 

We chose to focus specifically on complex discrete manufacturing and offer a solution to bridge the huge chasm between product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). PLM manages the delivery of evolving designs, and ERP tracks the dollars coming into and going out of the organization. Between PLM and ERP there are 40 to 45 different systems responsible for defining and executing product development requirements, including how to fix errors when things do not go well. We tackled the space between PLM and ERP within the complex discrete industry to deliver more than 3,900 standard features that are ready to use the day Solumina is installed. 

We also chose to create a whole catalog of standard interfaces to enable these three systems to talk to each other. Projects often fail or go far over budget due to the daunting magnitude of putting many interfaces in place. The moment a company purchases Solumina, however, they have access to 29 interfaces, inbound and outbound, and all they have to do is map existing communications to those interfaces, thereby eliminating the number one cause of failed or over-budget projects. 

By remaining very focused to a specific industry and engineering out the top pain points, we have created a solution that offers extremely broad capability for a given market, and it can be implemented very quickly. 

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