Quality and Paper-Based Shop Floor Processes

iBASEtQuality and Paper-Based Shop Floor Processes



Quality and Paper-Based Shop Floor Processes

Speaker: Becky Kelderman

Paper-based systems in the manufacturing environment today have a huge impact on quality. First, consider how often you lose pieces of paper, and then double or triple that based on the size of your workforce. That is how many times you are probably losing paper on the shop floor. The reason paper loss is such a significant issue is because you never know exactly where you left off on that piece of paper before it was misplaced, and therefore you could miss potential requirements, potential steps and potential in-process inspections that are critical to the fabrication of your product.

Solumina will help by eliminating the need for paper in your quality processes. By having an electronic, integrated quality system like Solumina, you have the ability to pre-configure checklists that are necessary, ensure all of your in-process inspections are met, and simplify the process from losing your place on the piece of paper or losing the piece of paper all together to facilitating communication electronically where quality issues can be brought up and resolved through an electronic environment.

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