Why MRO is so Important to Complex Manufacturers Today

iBASEtWhy MRO is so Important to Complex Manufacturers Today



Why MRO is so Important to Complex Manufacturers Today

Speaker: Becky Kelderman

MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) is becoming exponentially more important for complex discrete manufacturing. This is largely because products are increasing their lifespan out in the field, they are being repurposed for other uses in the field and customers are expecting the lifespan of an individual product to last much longer than they have in years past.When it comes to the durability of what complex discrete manufactures are producing, the knowledge base for what they’re producing and how they’re producing it MRO is becoming more critical.

The best way to manage any MRO process first is organization and process control. The moment you have reduced paperwork on the shop floor, all of your information is in a categorized system, you have complete documentation and the visibility where all the documentation resides is when you know you have a good start to your MRO process and process realignment.

The key point is to have continuous improvement for these quality processes so if and when a non performance or discrepancy is identified you have a consistent repeatable process to not only resolve that discrepancy but correct it for down the road.

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