Mitigate Compliance Risks with Solumina Quality Management Systems

iBASEtMitigate Compliance Risks with Solumina Quality Management Systems



Mitigate Compliance Risks with Solumina Quality Management Systems

Speaker: Michel Gadbois

There are two different types of compliance. The first relates to AS9100 rules that have set the bar for how companies should plan, communicate plans, measure achievements and shortcomings, and create a closed-loop process to get back on track. 

Sarbanes-Oxley has introduced another level of compliance that holds large companies accountable for predicting their highest level of risk. It is not acceptable to find out at the last hour of the fiscal year that a major issue has happened that leaves all the shareholders holding the bag. Companies need to be able to control their processes while being transparent about possible large losses or liability. 

We have been focusing on both of those issues to make sure we provide traceability and auditability to enable users to control and manage their process. We have enabled various types of alerts and visibility to allow organizations to see and quantify issues that may impact their bottom line. 

Solumina is not finance business software, but it exposes potential problems, enabling companies to make adjustments to fix issues or give plenty of notice to shareholders that something is not going as planned. 

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