Minimizing Defect Escapes to the Customer

iBASEtMinimizing Defect Escapes to the Customer



Minimizing Defect Escapes to the Customer

Speaker: Michel Gadbois

Minimizing customer escapes relates to all aspects of quality. It is important to clearly define the process that we are trying to execute. We need to make sure to assign people to the process who understand it. If they do not have a lot of experience with the process, we need to make sure that the tools to bring them up to speed and up the learning curve are as simple as possible. We need to make sure that the engineering tool is well enmeshed with the manufacturing tool so that the definition we are working towards is the one the customer expects. If you do those things and the verification process is intuitive, you can avoid misjudgments or redundant verifications that frustrate people and tend to be skipped, and you will achieve the lowest number of escapes. We now count escapes in parts per million, which is how we should be counting them. We should be at a Six Sigma level, which means we have only one mistake every 294,000 parts. We do not always achieve that number, but it is the goal. The only way to achieve the goal is to make sure that the definition is good and that the way of explaining the process to new employees is also extremely simple. The verification methods must be so completely embedded into the process that they will not be skipped or done incorrectly.

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