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We Are The Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration Pioneers

Speaker: Michel Gadbois

A huge change has begun in the industry over the past five years. CIOs have begun to shun software development because integration costs are too high, integrations are too complex and too variable, and the moment one system evolves and another does not, they have to re-plumb the entire system. They are tired of having homegrown systems to maintain. 

There is a push for fewer systems and true out-of-the-box systems. Over the past five years, industry has moved beyond platforms that employ toolkits that need to be customized and extended for months before using. Industry would like to treat their enterprise-level systems the same way they treat Microsoft Word and Excel. Before Word and Excel, there were a variety of different applications, but today, Word and Excel are standard. The same sort of evolution is happening with enterprise systems. 

Most CIOs now want to utilize the three-system triangle that includes ERP, PLM, and operations process management software (OPM). They want to collapse a number of systems, and they want the three they use to be ready out of the box. They want less than three percent extended code in any of their code bases. They no longer want to own applications, but they want to use them, so the landscape has changed. The expectation is for interfaces to work right away. Solutions providers are to have already understood our ecosystem mates so that our interfaces can connect to them seamlessly on day one. 

Everything is changing, so people who have built entire careers on being flexible toolkits are being left in the dust. Today we see fewer, more robust, more elaborate systems than we saw prior to standard interfaces that enabled systems to talk to each other from day one. Solumina was at the forefront of that particular movement. We began working ten years ago on our large-footprint solution with standard interfaces. We had certified interfaces to the big players before the CIOs started the movement to consolidate systems, so we are perfectly placed for this change and we are very happy about it. We want for there to be very few systems in the industry, and obviously, we want to be one of them. We serve major Fortune 100 companies, many for which we have become the standard operations process management platform, rolled out in multiple languages and across multiple facilities around the world.

At the end of the day, in order to compete in today’s digital manufacturing revolution, companies must find a solution to integrate all interfaces into one digital thread. Download our eBook to learn how Solumina can make this a reality.

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