Integrated Quality Management

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Integrated Quality Management

Speaker: Becky Kelderman

Integrated quality management in Solumina actually means total incorporation of your quality tracking processes and ultimately your corrective actions directly into your manufacturing process. Because Solumina has an integrated quality functionality, the duplication of effort is completely wiped out of the manufacturing process. The moment you find a quality issue in the manufacturing process, Solumina knows precisely what the topic is and reduces the duplication of effort so that another person does not have to go to a second system and type in that same information. Solumina is already self-aware of what is going on with that manufacturing process, allows the technician to quickly and accurately identify the problem, and then route that information through the manufacturing supervisors to assess what to do with the issue and how to resolve it. 

Because we have quality reports embedded in Solumina, the need to develop your own reports for governmental reporting purposes or customer reporting purposes is virtually eliminated. You can leverage the out-of-the-box quality reports Solumina provides to facilitate communications to interested parties. 

Lastly, because we have an integrated quality management system – specifically, corrective action processes – you can incorporate all of these mistake-proofing activities back into your manufacturing processes, work instructions and ultimately on the shop floor to ensure that a repeat defect will never happen again.

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