First Steps Toward an Integrated Environment

iBASEtFirst Steps Toward an Integrated Environment



First Steps Toward an Integrated Environment

Speaker: Michel Gadbois

Different organizations integrate in different ways. In a business where employees do not access information or provide feedback, complex integration is not necessary. ERP accounting software will handle most of their needs.

In environments where external agencies and customers are part of every milestone, the processes are more complex and the systems must adapt to accommodate complexity and variation. Changes must be handled quickly, so advanced systems are more useful. 

System requirements depend on how much a manufacturer produces, how many changes they produce, how varied the product is, and how much control the customer has. The first step to choosing a system and determining the level of integration required is to examine the value chain to understand how the participants in it are spending their time. 

At the end of the day, in order to compete in today’s digital manufacturing revolution, companies must find a solution to integrate all interfaces into one digital thread. Download our eBook to learn how Solumina can make this a reality.

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