Eliminating Customer Escapes

iBASEtEliminating Customer Escapes



Eliminating Customer Escapes

Speaker: Becky Kelderman

Customer escapes are when a customer finds an issue with a product after that product has been delivered. When a customer has an escape, there can be many ramifications to your business. Contractual obligations may be removed. It could result in additional costs or loss of credibility for your company as well as the financial ramifications of having to redo all of the work that had been previously delivered for the customer. 

Customer escapes are often addressed internally in your manufacturing facility through corrective actions. If you are in a paper-based system when these corrective actions are implemented, you cannot guarantee that they will be fully implemented into your manufacturing processes. By using a solution like Solumina, you can verify and ensure your corrective actions will be incorporated through the corrective action system of Solumina. You can also pre-build any additional checks into your process to eliminate any future customer escapes.

Solumina can minimize customer escapes by leveraging the pre-built corrective action system. Solumina will verify and ensure that these corrective actions are built into your manufacturing process to eliminate any future customer escapes. It also allows you to electronically create checklists to ensure these customer escapes do not happen again.

At the end of the day, in order to compete in today’s digital manufacturing revolution, companies must find a solution to integrate all interfaces into one digital thread. Download our eBook to learn how Solumina can make this a reality.

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