Avoid Common MRO Mistakes with iBASEt Solumina MRO Software

iBASEtAvoid Common MRO Mistakes with iBASEt Solumina MRO Software



Avoid Common MRO Mistakes with iBASEt Solumina MRO Software

Speaker: Becky Kelderman

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is not something to be taken lightly. Even among different products, situations, and executions, there is a methodical process that must occur when planning for an MRO process. 

MRO can require from a few days to years to execute, and information needs to be captured throughout the process. When an organization brings in a product with many moving parts and tears it apart, all the pieces have their own lifecycles in which they may go to a back shop or supplier for repairs, then return to be assembled and delivered to the customer. If the requirements are not understood and documented up front, there will be a lot of confusion when it is time to find all the parts, understand what happened to them, and get them assembled to go out to the customer. 

Solumina helps prevent common mistakes in MRO because we have a standard repeatable method for developing and executing in an MRO environment. It allows users to copy and paste and includes reusability pieces to significantly reduce the daunting task of attacking an MRO product. Solumina puts a template in place for developing to a particular outcome. It offers processes for tracking components that are being removed and for sending products to the supplier. 

These features are built in, so users have a known starting point and a controlled process. The task-oriented work that has to occur in a paper or disparate electronic environment has been eliminated. Our customers love having all information in one place. 

A traditional MES or MRO system provides information or an electronic solution to the shop floor. Solumina provides the total solution for execution. The moment a discrepancy is discovered or the need to rework arises, the necessary information is at the shop floor’s fingertips to execute in a traceable format. 

At the end of the day, in order to compete in today’s digital manufacturing revolution, companies must find a solution to integrate all interfaces into one digital thread. Download our eBook to learn how Solumina can make this a reality.

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