5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #5 Program Risk

iBASEt5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #5 Program Risk



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5 Risks You Need to Know Before Selecting an MES – #5 Program Risk

When selecting a Manufacturing Execution System, there are two broad types of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementations:

  • A custom built MES configuration based on an MES tool kit
  • A Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) configuration of MES software

These two flavors of implementations come with different variations of risk. In this video series we identify the top 5 risks you need to know, this video focuses on Program Risk.

Program Risk:

Every MES implementation project has some degree of program risk where unforeseen external factors can work against a successful implementation. A company could run out of funds, a division could be consolidated and moved or the company changes direction with a new strategy. These are very hard to anticipate and can often be frustrating. That is why it is best to look for solutions that have referenceable and successful implementations done in a reasonable time frame. The longer the time it takes to “go live,” the more room there is for an unforeseen circumstance to come up. Getting implemented in 4 months versus 2 years could be the difference between a successful transformation of your manufacturing environment and a project with unfinished implementation that yielded minor improvements. Only bite off as much as you can chew in a reasonable time frame, even if it means giving up a few things to achieve that first project milestone successfully.

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