Do We Trust a System Integrator with a Manufacturing Execution System Project?

iBASEtblogDo We Trust a System Integrator with a Manufacturing Execution System Project?



Do We Trust a System Integrator with a Manufacturing Execution System Project?

manufacturing execution systemA report published by LNS Research earlier this year surprisingly indicates that some manufacturers do.

Manufacturing Execution System, MOM, and EQMS Impact

The successful implementation of an enterprise manufacturing system, like a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) or Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) can hugely impact the performance of a manufacturer.

Software Before Integrator

Most companies selected the software before selecting the system integrator. Around half of the surveyed companies, involved the system integrator in the MES selection decision. This seems counter intuitive because most system integrators are biased by their experience with a few manufacturing solutions.

The survey confirmed that industry experience and proven references are big factors in the decision for the selected software and system integrator.

How To Start Your MES Search

Organizations looking to invest in a manufacturing system should perform: (a) a Request for Information (RFI) as part of the selection process requesting vendors to respond to a comprehensive set of requirements, and (b) a few reference checks with industry analysts and similar companies. If required, iBASEt can provide assistance with an MES RFI template with requirements specific to complex discrete manufacturing. For more information on the Manufacturing Execution System RFI template, email [email protected]


“Identifying the Best Manufacturing Operations Management Solutions”, Mark Davidson, LNS Research, 2014

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