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The NEXT Button

When the NEXT button was introduced a few years ago at a Solumina User Conference, users literally started to applaud. The NEXT button is a powerful tool that is not only a crowd favorite, it differentiates Solumina from its competition and simplifies process execution. Here are a few reasons why we love the NEXT button and so will you:

1.)    Single-Button Execution

It only takes one click for an operator to know where he or she left off, what is missing or if a step was forgotten in an operation. Solumina is always looking for “what’s next” to ensure that every step and operation is performed properly, which includes looking for units that have not been identified and signing onto a job.

2.)    Guides Mechanic through a Job

The NEXT button automatically displays the next step or what the system requires next from an operator. Operators can remain working on a task without getting distracted by looking for what is missing or what hasn’t been signed by management. Operators have more time to perform and perfect the job they were trained to do.

3.)    Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Because the NEXT button automatically displays the next needed task, the strictest process management and integrity requirements – including the FAA, AS9100 and FDA – are built into the system, ensuring these regulations will never be forgotten or collected improperly. A job will not be considered complete if any data or signatures are missing.

For more information watch the video below.

About Michel Gadbois

Before coming to iBASEt, Michel started his career in operations as Plant Superintendent of a chemical packaging facility. For a few years, he implemented several MRP II systems, and then joined a manufacturing management consulting group that specialized in productivity and quality improvements. After that, he became the Vice President of Manufacturing for Flow International. It was at Flow that Michel was exposed to advanced Scheduling Concepts and Paperless Manufacturing Technologies. While in Seattle, Michel became the Vice President of Commerce and Industry for the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the University of Washington’s Science Advisory Council.

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